Welcome to Sacramento Valley Region’s award winning website! Our 1,000+ members belong to one of Northern California’s largest and most active Porsche Car Clubs. Step inside and look around. Perhaps you’ll find something that interests you, and even better, perhaps you’ll join us!

Member Larry Wilson wrote that we started meeting in an elementary school auditorium in early 1962 with thirty five Porsche owners. You can read Larry’s entire article on our History page

We’re a region of Porsche Club of America (PCA) and are in Zone 7  . We enjoy a wide range of activities, including tours, dinners or other events which are too numerous to list here. We believe it isn’t just the cars. It’s the people. To find out more about our activities, our history or read our newsletters, follow the page links above.

Announcing a new Feature for our website. If you look at our menu above you will see a new “Club News” button. This will take you to posts specifically about our club news.

2019 SVR Board Elections!

Our 2019 Board Elections are coming up. Our Past President has formed a nominating committee and seeks your input. Are you or do you know someone who would be interested in serving on our board? Collin’s article is here

Announcing our new Member Badges. We have a new style for new and existing members who wish to order them.

Note the new rounded corners. Our logo is embossed instead of glued.


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The Drifter is our award winning monthly newsletter. It's filled with activity information and informative articles for the Porsche owner.

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If you have visited the website a few times, you might have scrolled down a little and notice that I occasionally run short polls on various things Porsche related. This month I am polling about our cars. In a recent tour we took which unfortunately is up where one of the current fires is rampaging …

Key Personnel

The following have chosen to volunteer their personal time to serve the 1,300+ members of Sacramento Valley Region this year. Please consider enhancing your SVR membership by serving as an officer next year. If you are interested in a board or chair position, don’t hesitate to contact the Past President . If you are interested in the duties of the board and chair members, follow the links to our general information page.

2018 Board of Directors

Gregg Plourde
(530) 210-3341

Vice President

Steve Barker
(916) 390-3009

Rebecca Plourde
(530) 210-9686

Tom Perry-Smith
(916) 797-1118

Past President
Collin Fat
(916) 955-7966

Drifter Editor
Matt Menning
(408) 375-9089

Janet Conner
(916) 939-3882

Social Director
Mardi Quain
(650) 504-4866

Competition & Safety
Matt Deter
(916) 630-8924

Bill Fargo
(916) 802-4679

Zone7 Representative
Sandy Provasi
(408) 947-0980

Event & Activity Chairs


Mike Dunn
Dummkopf Award
Gary Thompson
New Member Group
Suzanne Sanders - Co Chair
New Member Group
Tara Jones
Co Chair
Event Liaison
Niello Porsche
Kim Nelson
Richard Wetzel
Alma Thompson
Al Price
Noah Bentley - Co Chair
Susan Bentley - Co Chair
Ed Busuttil
Driver Education (DE)
Fredrick Rauch
Tour Chair
Lisa Menning
1st Saturday Breakfast Chair
Jerry Alter
Crab37 Chair
Bob Lozito
Crab37 Co Chair
Collin Fat
Social Media Chair
John Leet


One Driver, One Car, One Course and One Stopwatch

This is our effort to feed current Autocrossers’ passion or help the uninitiated appreciate the fun to be had learning more about how to confidently and safely squeeze the best performance from the World’s Finest Automotive Marque…

We hope you will find this information valuable and welcome any comments you believe can help us serve you better.

  • Chair – ​Ed Busuttil,
  • Co-Chair – Greg Zajic
  • Chief Driving Instructor – David Schnitzer
  • ​Course Design and Set-up – Kent Treiber, Matt Deter, Carl Winkler
  • Course Worker Coordinator – Joy Nieslony
  • Registration –  John Leet Melinda Lincoln, Joy Nieslony
  • Safety – Steve Nieslony
  • Statistician – Greg Zajic
  • ​Trailer Transport – Open
  • Tech Inspection – Jon Sturtevant, David Schnitzer, Bill Faust
  • Timing – Greg Zajic, Joy Nieslony
  • Support – Weyland Fat, Jon Sturtevant, Leah Zajic

If you would like to learn more about autocross,  Look here

We can help you learn. Just attend one of our Autocross workshops. If you’re interested, follow this to see what is available. SVR Autocross School

For a quick look at our AX calendar, go here

To signup for an event go here

2018 AX Results