Tour of the TRG Facility

We started at The Racer’s Group in Petaluma for a tour of their racing facility. Kevin Buckler and crew gave us a warm reception and a little history of his business. Then out to the shop to look at the cars and where the tuning takes place…. Did I mention doughnuts? The group quickly split up into two groups. The wives went toward the bling rack and the husbands proceeded to the engines and tires. However, it didn’t take long to get anyone asked into a race car. A couple of men did make it into the car but were quickly pushed aside by the motor aficionados. TRG has a very interesting history. Now settled at their home in Petaluma they have added wine to their menu. We do believe in eating, drinking and driving. All in moderation of course. Kevin and group opened Adobe Winery on the wharf downtown. And there were cars…
Blue cars.. White cars !

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