Sacramento Valley Region News

Sacramento Valley continues to be one of the highest visited sites in PCA. We generally average 15,000 to 25,000 hits per month. We can thank our members but also many from around the world for these ratings. Next month SVR will be transitioning to a new website. Don’t worry we’ll still have all of the information that our visitors are looking for, including links to the award winning Drifter magazine, news and events hosted by our region, as well as PCA national, Zone 7 and many of the surrounding regions. A goal that I have set as the webmaster is to become a place for Porsche news for Porsche people.

02 Carrera Photo taken in Land Park

Are you a budding Hemingway? Our new site lends itself to a higher participation by our members, including contributors to the site content. We also plan on actively pursuing and posting photographs from our members. There are two things that are not on the calendar yet that we plan on doing later spring and summer. How does having a drone photo of our club, members and cars all at one place sound? How would you like your car photographed? Some of you may have seen the photos of Porsches I place on the corner of the site. I would like to photograph your car. We can run it natural or with a little touch up. If you are interested, contact me at

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