News from our Zone 7 Concours Chair

The 2017 Zone Concours Series is now complete (trite, but true, time flies).  After seven events hosted by Zone 7 regions from Monterrey to Reno, Honore and I have enjoyed our role in helping to run the individual events and promote the series this year.  For those who participated in at least four of the seven events, please be sure to join us at the Zone Awards Dinner and Ceremony on November 11th.  Congratulations in advance to the series winners and thanks to everyone who participated in or supported the series this year.  The Series could not have succeeded without the help of a great many participant volunteers.

Some fun facts about the 2017 edition of the Zone Concours Series:

  • 91 entrants entered vehicles that were judged a total of 159 times
  • 9 perfect scores were achieved, including 2 in Full Concours (300.0 points out of 300.0!)
  • 95 unique vehicles were entered, including 94 Porsche cars and 1 Porsche bike
  • 46 individuals helped with the judging over the seven events
  • 12 entrants qualified for Zone awards with ten 1st places and two 2nd places
  • Entrants scored a total of 36,141.0 points

Honore and I enjoyed meeting new friends, visiting regions we hadn’t yet visited, and spending time with so many series regulars who we look forward to seeing week after week during the season and miss during the off season.  Our experience at these events, at WERKS and at Parade reminded us this year at PCA it’s not just the cars, but the people.  We also enjoyed meeting so many people who shared their very clean Porsche vehicles with fellow enthusiasts; we saw a NUMBER of very cool Porsches this year.

If you participated, a big thanks from us for supporting the series and we hope that you enjoyed the experience.  If you didn’t participate, enjoy a clean Porsche car, and are interested, we hope to see you next year.  We’ll be proposing some tweaks to the rules for next year’s series, mostly to incorporate what we learned, reflect the sort of participating we’ve been seeing in the Zone Series over the past few years and to mirror Parade rules where it makes sense to do so.  Look for a summary of those changes once they’re approved at the Zone President’s meeting early in 2018.  We’re also looking at ways to encourage participation for those who want to display their clean car at the events, but aren’t interested in having it judged.

Until the series starts again in May, enjoy your Porsche and we’ll look forward to seeing you at an event in 2018.

John and Honore D’Angelo

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