2018 Candidate Statements

Candidate Statement for President: 

2018 has been a busy one for the club. We have had many successful and enjoyable events. I hope you had a chance to attend one. Serving as President in 2018 has been an honor. I would like to continue service to the club by assisting and guiding the Board for 2019. My goal will be to continue to encourage new events for you to attend. Having more events would give you the greater opportunity to attend depending on your busy lifestyle.

I have been involved in many club activities since I joined the club in 2009, including organizing monthly dinners, assisting and leading multi-day tours, helping at charity events and much more.

My career in Information Technologies for over 30 years has involved being the Financial Assistant at a Bay Area financial institution, IT Director and Assistant Vice President for a foothill financial institution, IT Supervisor and Assistant Director for a local county. Each has provided me with the opportunity to recognize and implement improvements in technologies. Organize and lead projects to install and manage the new changes, hire and train the personnel to use the product. Organizational skills and the ability to recognize the abilities of others has been one of my strong points.

I would welcome the opportunity to continue to be a part of the team.

 Thank you for your consideration,

Gregg Plourde

Candidate Statement for Vice President:

Please accept this as my request to run for the SVR Vice President for a second term.

I would like to be considered for this position and look for the support of the nominating committee based on my experience over the past year as well as my previous positions held as President, Vice President and Past President. 

That experience has benefited me in managing the duties of the VP over the past year.  In addition to attending the Zone Presidents meeting I’ve had the chance to meet representatives from the other regions and exchange ideas that help our own club grow and improve.

My main roles over the past year have been to manage the calendar and coordinate events while working with the Social Chair and Competition and Safety Chair by providing the Certificates of Insurance for all moving events such as tours and AX.

I’ve enjoyed the past year as SVR VP and would like to serve a second term.

Best regards,

Steve Barker

Candidate Statement for Treasurer:

The last year serving as SVR Treasurer went quickly. I have a real appreciation for the passion, organizational skills and commitment to our organization that resides both with the Board and those dedicated members that have led tours, dinners, auto crosses and kept our Drifter on track.

I grew up here in Sacramento and attended CSUS. I went into public accounting in 1979 and practiced as a CPA until we sold our practice to another firm in 2011. I retired in 2016.

I have a profound respect for the fiduciary responsibilities that are a part of being SVR Treasurer. The SVR is an exceptionally well run organization.  I will ensure that accountability and transparency continue to define the role of Club Treasurer.

Tom Perry-Smith

Candidate Statement for Secretary:

In my consideration about running for Secretary, remembering the many fine events offered by our members has been part of that thinking.  SVR has given Skip and I lots of opportunities for friendship and fun.  So how can I continue to contribute to all that the club offers? By continuing to volunteer.

After two years of being the Social Director, the benefits of serving in that position have been many.  Being “termed out”, I looked at what other opportunities are available that I can pursue.  Board Secretary fits with some of my back ground as I have served in that position on another Board.  And though my speed writing skills are a bit rusty I hope you will consider me for your vote for Secretary.

Thank you – Mardi Quain

Candidate Statement for New Member Director:

I have been a member since 2009 and have enjoyed being a part of the SVR Porsche club. The last two years it has been such a pleasure to be the club’s secretary.  It is a good feeling to be a part of the board and contribute to the club.

This year I am running for Membership Director, and with my sixteen years in banking; accuracy and attention to detail that has been a part of my career, I feel qualified to be the Membership Director. I feel I could do a great job as Membership Director for 2019 if elected.

Thank you for your consideration.

Rebecca Plourde

Candidate Statement for Social Director:

My name is Yvonne “ Cookie” Anderson.  I have been a member of PCA/SVR since June 2006 when I purchased my 2002 Boxster S.  In January 2007 I first ran for the office of Social Director,   I then served that position in 2008, 2011 and 2012. I served as President in 2009 and 2010 and Past President in 2011. I then was appointed Membership Director in 2013 thru 2014. I was served as  Goodie Store Chair from 2008 thru 2012.  I have enjoyed each office I either ran for or was appointed and gave 100% of myself.  Please consider me for the Social Directors position when you vote.

Thank you,

Cookie Anderson

Candidate Statement for Competition & Safety

I began my association with PCA in 2010 when I met a PCA member at a SCCA autocross event.  Even though I did not own a Porsche at that time they said that I should check out the SVR-PCA autocross and other events.  I showed up at my first SVR event shortly after that and was immediately drawn in by the fantastic people and of course the cars.  I joined PCA, albeit as an affiliate, in 2012 when a member took pity on me because I was participating in SVR events but was still not a member.  My wife and I participated in many events over the years but still had not found the perfect car.  We finally found our perfect Porsche in 2016 and made the jump to full members.

Since 2012 I’ve been the statistician for the SVR Autocross program and in 2018 I began support of the Zone 7 Autocross data as well.  I’ve also held roles as Autocross Co-Chair for number of terms and Autocross chair for 2 years as well. I’ve provided support at multiple DE and tours through the years at PCA as well as a Bavarian branded car club.  I worked on the CRAB committee for CRAB 36 in 2016 and I along with my wife provide support wherever possible at events that we attend.

The events I’ve worked on have had a high level of safety awareness.  It’s important to ensure that not only does everyone attending events have a great time and that everyone enjoys themselves in a safe manner.   With my background and qualifications, I would welcome the opportunity to take a greater role in this fantastic organization and ask for your support for my candidacy for the 2019 board position of SVR Competition and Safety Director.

Greg Zajic

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