It’s your Birthday!

Psst, from June 8th – 10th, Porsche will be celebrating a monumental event. 70 years of leadership in the sports car world. Celebrations are taking place around the world with special events. There will be Sportscar Moments shared from Porsche Owners from around the world. Follow us #SportscarTogether on Twitter. Many activities will take place live on Facebook.

Check out the website Sportscartogether for more information!


This year we broke with tradition and held a raffle which included CRAB attendees. For most, including the winners, this was an unexpected surprise.

Carol McNamara, a long time Loma Prieta Region member and Porsche enthusiasts won a gift certificate worth $500 to stay at the Hilton Garden Inn, in Sacramento.

Meanwhile another certificate has been awarded to Matt Laurence and his wife Lisa for a stay at the Hilton as well. Matt & Lisa are from Diablo Region and we welcome them to CRAB 37!