SVR Adventures

If you have visited the website a few times, you might have scrolled down a little and notice that I occasionally run short polls on various things Porsche related. This month I am polling about our cars. In a recent tour we took which unfortunately is up where one of the current fires is rampaging here in California, one of members pointed out that there wasn’t one air cooled engine in our group. As Porsche moved towards water cooled, have the air cooled gone along the wayside? Only to be found in the classified or at Concours? You tell me.

Treffen for 2019 was announced at the parade this year with two dates. April 3rd through the 6th will be held in Santa Barbara. A very nice month to be on the California coast. Vermont will host it from September 4th – 7th. Look for more information to come as events, lodging information and other program features are announced.

Our club will soon have our annual nomination dinner, this time a brunch at La Provence Restaurant in Roseville. This will be your chance to nominate a member for a position on our board. Besides you will also experience great food at a great local restaurant. More information to come. Save the date for October 20th.

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