One Driver, One Car, One Course and One Stopwatch

This is our effort to feed current Autocrossers’ passion or help the uninitiated appreciate the fun to be had learning more about how to confidently and safely squeeze the best performance from the World’s Finest Automotive Marque…

We hope you will find this information valuable and welcome any comments you believe can help us serve you better.

  • Chair – ​Ed Busuttil,
  • Co-Chair – Greg Zajic
  • Chief Driving Instructor – David Schnitzer
  • ​Course Design and Set-up – Kent Treiber, Matt Deter, Carl Winkler
  • Course Worker Coordinator – Joy Nieslony
  • Registration –  John Leet Melinda Lincoln, Joy Nieslony
  • Safety – Steve Nieslony
  • Statistician – Greg Zajic
  • ​Trailer Transport – Open
  • Tech Inspection – Jon Sturtevant, David Schnitzer, Bill Faust
  • Timing – Greg Zajic, Joy Nieslony
  • Support – Weyland Fat, Jon Sturtevant, Leah Zajic

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