Candidate Statements

For President 2018 Gregg Plourde

After I bought my first Porsche (a 2007 Carrera), I joined the Porsche Club of America, at the suggestion of my brother-in-law in North Carolina, a long time Porsche Club of America member. He said the local regions of the Porsche Club of America did lots of activities and was really a people oriented club. I thought “how could he know what the Sacramento Valley Region would be like?”

Well, he was right and more! I went to the new member tour that year at Thunderhill race track, and the SVR members were friendly, knowledgeable and fun to be with. The leader of the tour asked me to write an article for our magazine, The Drifter. That was what has led me to participating in many club activities over the past eight years.

Since then I have been involved in many club activities, including organizing monthly dinners, assisting and leading multi-day tours, helping at charity events and much more. In 2016, I was the facilities manager for Crab 36.

My career in Information Technologies for over 30 years has involved being the Financial Assistant at a Bay Area financial institution, IT Director and Assistant Vice President for a foothill financial institution, and IT Supervisor and Assistant Director for a local county. Each has provided me with the opportunity to recognize and implement improvements in technologies, organize and lead projects to install and manage the new changes, hire and train the personnel needed to use the product.

Organizational skills and the ability to recognize the abilities of others has been one of my strong points.

With the background I have, I would welcome the opportunity to be a part of the team that continues the strong growth your Porsche club has achieved.

For Vice President 2018 Steve Barker

Having previously served as Vice President, President and Past President for SVR, I accepted the nomination for Vice President for 2018 and look forward to once again having the opportunity to serve on the SVR Board.

Rita and I have met so many members, enjoyed so many events and have made lifelong friendships.  We very much enjoy what our little Boxster has brought us.

As we set our sights on 2018, I would like to ask for your support once again to serve as your Vice President.  My goals for 2018 are simple; to continue to grow our membership base, offer more member opportunities and events, and continue on a financially sound path.

For Secretary 2018 Rebecca Plourde

I have been a member since 2009 and have been pleasantly surprised at how fun and active our club is. I have been getting more involved by hosting dinners, co-hosting tours and was on the team that organized and ran Crab 36 earlier this year. Everything has been so much fun and an adventure. With my background in banking, accuracy and attention to detail has been an important part of my career. Included in my duties was working with customers, focusing on opening new accounts and managing retirement accounts. My skills include both  setting up and attending meetings, keeping accurate records, document retention and  communication. My ability to summarize key points of a discussion or meeting are also strengths of mine. My artistic hobby, which also includes attention to complex instructions and  details helps keep me focused on the job at hand. With my interest in being accurate and detailed, I feel I could do a great job as Secretary of our club. Thank you for your consideration.

For Treasurer 2017 Tom Perry-Smith

In the last two years since joining the SVR, I’ve participated in a number of events and had a great time meeting many of you. Being able to converse with folks that appreciate the Porsche mark and take such pride of ownership is amazingly rewarding.

My passion for all things automobile runs deep. I’ve owned a variety of sports cars over the years, mostly older corvettes. I acquired a 1989 Turbo-look Cab located in Seattle back in 1992. I brought it home and immediately began restoring it. That’s one I wish I’d never let go of. But, as many folks do, I succumbed to the calling of a newer 911. Wish I had a bigger garage!

I grew up here in Sacramento and attended CSUS. I went into public accounting in 1979 and practiced as a CPA until we sold our practice to another firm in 2011. Along the way, I worked for an international accounting firm, one of the “Big 4”. After ten years, I joined a large regional firm with offices in Sacramento and San Francisco. During those years, I audited a variety of manufacturing and technology companies and even had a couple of automobile dealerships as clients. I retired in 2016.

I have a profound respect for the fiduciary responsibilities that are a part of being SVR Treasurer. The SVR is an exceptionally well run organization. I will ensure that accountability and transparency continue to define the role of Club Treasurer.

For Membership Director 2018 Janet Conner

My first year serving as Membership Director will be ending in a couple months. It has been an exciting year. This year I started something new hoping to retain our membership by emailing members whose membership had expired to remind them to renew. Also new this year, I’ve been emailing new members that did not include a co-member to encourage them to include someone.

I have enjoyed meeting so many new members and participating in different club events, while serving on the board as Treasurer in 2014-2015 and Co-Chair of the New Member Group in 2016 in addition to this year. I am ready to carry on the duties of the Membership Director for one more year. I hope you will all take the time to vote … and while you are at it … please vote for me.


For Competition & Safety Director 2018 Matt Deter

I joined PCA in 2003 after purchasing my first Porsche. It didn’t take long before I slipped down the proverbial slope and found myself buying a helmet, gloves, and “sticky tires” for autocross and track events.

Next thing I knew I was the Autocross chair and at some point also the Competition and Safety Director during which many exciting competition events transpired, including even a rally and a concours! After a breather I served as Secretary, which proves I can stay awake for the entire board meeting.

So it is with these excellent qualifications and great enthusiasm that I ask for your support as I respectfully submit my candidate statement for the 2018 board position of SVR Competition and Safety Director.

For Social Director 2018 Mardi Quain

I joined SVR with my husband Skip late in 2014. The hope in joining was to meet fun people and enjoy different activities around our Porsche. SVR has delivered on both counts.

We have hosted some activities, such as Valentines Dinner in February 2015, Blackhawk Museum Tour in March 2016 and a couple of Detail Maniac detailing seminars in 2015 and 2017, and the Rivercats Baseball game in 2017.

The club has given us so much in the way of friendships and fun. And as your 2017 Social Director I have met more of our great members in working with them as they set up dinners and events. I would welcome the opportunity to continue as your Social Director for another year.

Thank you Mardi Quain