California Smog Check Amendment

California assemblyman Randy Voepel has introduced Assembly Bill AB 210 which would amend the current Section 44011 of the Health and Safety Code, relating to vehicular air pollution.

If passed it would change the exception for smog requirements for vehicles built before 1983. Currently only vehicles built befor 1976 are exempt. We encourage the passing of this bill since it will benefit many of our members who collect or just drive older model year Porsche’s.

Your Voice Counts

You may notice that we try to run small polls on the front page of the site. We try to keep them short and informative and hopefully a little fun. Occasionally we try to make them informative for us on the board to gauge the wishes of our club members. It’s a great help if you take the time to answer one during your visit. You also may have notice some questions at the end of our recent ballot.

Sometimes results are surprising.

From the ballot members selected East Sacramento/Roseville or East Sacramento/Folsom as a preferred dinner locations. Members also indicated that the cost of our events are reasonable though a few found them too cheap. Some members commented that they would like to see more events on weekends since “there are still a few of us working.” This was directed at dinners, as well as tours. We also heard that for some of the older cars, early spring tours would be more fun because Porsches like other cars didn’t concentrate on air conditioning just a few years back.

Multiple day tours and single day tours were pretty much split for popularity. These were the most popular except the nine autocrossers that voted.

The last poll on the website asked if your Porsche was afraid of the rain or not. Surprising (to me) the results were virtually split in half. Of the thirty or so responses it was almost 50/50.

SVR 2019 Elections

The voting starts today for our board of Directors. If you’ve always had that urge to help our club, becoming a board member or chair is a good way to get involved. Think about it for next year. While it’s good for the club to hav a steady direction, it’s to everyone’s advantage to bring in new people with fresh ideas. Everyone has something to contribute. 

SVR 2019 Elections

Today was the nominating brunch for those running for office. Thanks to all of you who could make it. It was held at La Provence Restaurant & Terrace.



Club News August

SVR Autocrossers Compete in Zone 7 Series

By Collin Fat/Photo by Collin Fat

The Zone 7 Autocross Series completed events 7 and 8 at Redwood Region’s event at Charles Schultz Airport in Santa Rosa. With only one event left in the 9 event series, it looks like several members of SVR are going to earn hard fought class wins. Venturing to Santa Rosa on the weekend of August 18th and 19th were from left to right: Collin Fat, Carl Winkler, Weyland Fat, Kent Treiber, Al Booth and John Leet.

In the crowded S13 class, Weyland Fat looks to have a solid lock on a second place finish, while John Leet who is competing in class S11 is a lock to win his first Zone Championship class win. John’s class is among the largest classes with over 13 drivers competing.  In class P16, Alan Booth looks like he could secure a second place finish going into the home stretch. This would also be a great finish for Alan considering he made some modifications to his Porsche Boxster after the first two events of the season and moved from stock class to production. In improved 5 (I05), Collin Fat has locked another class win heading into the home stretch.

The Zone autocross series is a competitive series where drivers test their skills against some of the best drivers in Zone 7. Unlike SVR’s autocross series where there are not enough drivers to fill a competition for class awards, the zone series had over 80 drivers participating. The Zone 7 series is likely the only Zone autocross series in PCA and is a testament to the popularity of the sport in Northern California. Regions that offer autocross include Golden Gate, Loma Prieta, Redwood, Sequoia, and Sacramento Valley.

SVR Adventures

If you have visited the website a few times, you might have scrolled down a little and notice that I occasionally run short polls on various things Porsche related. This month I am polling about our cars. In a recent tour we took which unfortunately is up where one of the current fires is rampaging here in California, one of members pointed out that there wasn’t one air cooled engine in our group. As Porsche moved towards water cooled, have the air cooled gone along the wayside? Only to be found in the classified or at Concours? You tell me.

Treffen for 2019 was announced at the parade this year with two dates. April 3rd through the 6th will be held in Santa Barbara. A very nice month to be on the California coast. Vermont will host it from September 4th – 7th. Look for more information to come as events, lodging information and other program features are announced.

Our club will soon have our annual nomination dinner, this time a brunch at La Provence Restaurant in Roseville. This will be your chance to nominate a member for a position on our board. Besides you will also experience great food at a great local restaurant. More information to come. Save the date for October 20th.

Driving your Porsche

I try to run short polls if I think our readers would be interested in them. Last month I ran on asking what is the farthest distance you’ve driven you Porsche. Of course I expected quite a few telling us that it was Sacramento to Spokane but there are  few other results.

Sacramento – Victoria

Tucson – Sacramento

Los Angeles – Sacramento

Sacramento – Los Vegas

Denver – Sacramento

I know for a fact that at least two of our members drove to Parade two years ago, which was in Vermont.  I guess they haven’t visited the site lately. I drove my 911 from Mexico (border) to Canada. Admittedly it was two different trips on Hwy 1.  How about you? Have an interesting trip? A long one? Everyone says Porsche’s are made to drive; not sit in your garage.

CRAB 37 2018

CRAB 37 is now behind us. this year it was held at the California Automobile Museum at 2200 Front Street in Sacramento. I believe we’ve now held three at this wonderful location. Previously it was the Towe Auto Museum.

What a wonderful place to hold an event of auto enthusiasts.  This is a building filled of not only automobile history but Sacramento history as well.  For some of us it’s an adventure of “I should have bought that when I had the chance.” For others it “you had one of those?” For Porsche folks what better place but to be surrounded by beautiful cars.

This year we hosted one hundred and fifty eight cars (158) hauling 204 Porschephiles. two hundred thirty seven friends for the Crab banquet on Saturday night and over two hundred sixty eight for Sunday’s Beer & Brat feast.

Porsches from many regions attended. Many of them have been CRABBERS for many years. This year we hosted 13 members from GGR, 7 from Diablo, 11 from Loma Prieta, 6 from Sierra Nevada, 6 from the Redwood region, 4 from Monterey and two from Inland Northwest (Washington). You really have to like Crab to drive all that way. Full disclosure the Kinder’s are long time SVR members who recently moved to Eastern Washington. I’ve posted a few photos here. More are coming and look to our Shutterfly site which will be filled with photos. I saw that Diablo has posted photos on their Facebook site already.

See you next CRAB.