Dr. Porsche and his Cars – Wait list in Effect

September 21, 2019 @ 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
$ 20 PP
Kim Nelson


If you have ever wondered about the history of the Porsche family then you will enjoy this SVR get together.  The class will take us through a journey starting in 1875 with the birth of Ferdinand Porsche and end in the 1960’s with the Porsche Factory transitioning  from the 356 model to the 911/912 cars. We will look at the different companies that Dr. Porsche worked for and his accomplishments before starting his own design firm in 1931.  Additionally, we will look at what this brilliant engineer was doing through both world wars, his involvement with Auto Union and the Silver Arrows of the 30’s and of course, his involvement with Adolph Hitler, the Third Reich and the Volkswagen and People’s Tractor.  From there we will move on to his son Ferry Porsche and the creation of the first cars bearing the Porsche name.  If you are looking for the history of all of the great Porsche racing cars and their successes then this class is not for you.  I believe this will be an enjoyable class for couples and I promise we will not take our topic to seriously and we will not have a quiz and the end!

 The class will start at 10:00 AM.   We will have a catered lunch by Que Viva Mexican Restaurant featuring a taco bar with caritas, chicken fajitas, rice and beans and chips and salsa.  Soda and water will be provided.  During lunch we will view several vintage factory marketing videos.

 We will also have a display of air cooled Porsches from the 356 Pre A through the 993 that we will look at and discuss differences.


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