News from our Zone 7 Concours Chair

The 2017 Zone Concours Series is now complete (trite, but true, time flies).  After seven events hosted by Zone 7 regions from Monterrey to Reno, Honore and I have enjoyed our role in helping to run the individual events and promote the series this year.  For those who participated in at least four of the seven events, please be sure to join us at the Zone Awards Dinner and Ceremony on November 11th.  Congratulations in advance to the series winners and thanks to everyone who participated in or supported the series this year.  The Series could not have succeeded without the help of a great many participant volunteers.

Some fun facts about the 2017 edition of the Zone Concours Series:

  • 91 entrants entered vehicles that were judged a total of 159 times
  • 9 perfect scores were achieved, including 2 in Full Concours (300.0 points out of 300.0!)
  • 95 unique vehicles were entered, including 94 Porsche cars and 1 Porsche bike
  • 46 individuals helped with the judging over the seven events
  • 12 entrants qualified for Zone awards with ten 1st places and two 2nd places
  • Entrants scored a total of 36,141.0 points

Honore and I enjoyed meeting new friends, visiting regions we hadn’t yet visited, and spending time with so many series regulars who we look forward to seeing week after week during the season and miss during the off season.  Our experience at these events, at WERKS and at Parade reminded us this year at PCA it’s not just the cars, but the people.  We also enjoyed meeting so many people who shared their very clean Porsche vehicles with fellow enthusiasts; we saw a NUMBER of very cool Porsches this year.

If you participated, a big thanks from us for supporting the series and we hope that you enjoyed the experience.  If you didn’t participate, enjoy a clean Porsche car, and are interested, we hope to see you next year.  We’ll be proposing some tweaks to the rules for next year’s series, mostly to incorporate what we learned, reflect the sort of participating we’ve been seeing in the Zone Series over the past few years and to mirror Parade rules where it makes sense to do so.  Look for a summary of those changes once they’re approved at the Zone President’s meeting early in 2018.  We’re also looking at ways to encourage participation for those who want to display their clean car at the events, but aren’t interested in having it judged.

Until the series starts again in May, enjoy your Porsche and we’ll look forward to seeing you at an event in 2018.

John and Honore D’Angelo

SVR Events & News

There are several upcoming events that you should put on your calendar. One of the most important is the club’s board elections. The voting will start on November 1st and will run through November 20th. As an active SVR member you are entitled to vote! Watch for it on our front page of the website.

We continue to have a full calendar for the balance of the year. Upcoming events include multi-day tours such as Mendocino; a yearly event. This year it will run from November 3rd through the 5th. Many people choose to stay that one more day and return home Monday. There are still a few rooms available around town.  Check it out here.

October will end our Autocross season with #7 in Stockton. If you haven’t been to one, come out and bring a lounge chair and see it happen. Maybe you will get the but to see what you and your car can do. More information is on our calendar. The 22nd is our annual Charity Auction. This worthwhile event raises money for local charities who do meaningful work in our community. Attend, open you checkbook for these groups. Our November dinner this year is at the Zinfandel Grill. There are still openings let. Great food and location.

Don’t forget, the 2017 Zone awards will be on November 11th this year. our annual Tree Decorating and Potluck will be held on November 26th at the California Automobile Museum. Bring an ornament showing your car.  Our Christmas dinner will be on December 16th. CRAB will again appear on our calendar in 2018. Next year it will run May 18-20. It sells out fast! As always we would love to see you at or regular 1st Saturday breakfast which occurs ………..

Help Wanted !

SVR is looking for and editor for our award winning newsletter! Otherwise “Poof” Contact Steve McCrory at or Please help us fight to deliver the best publication in the PCA.

Formula Racing

Though not Porsche related I was give a link to some great photos that were taken at a formula race with a 104 year old camera. Being a photography buff, I couldn’t resist sharing. If you are in to cars or photography these are some amazing pictures.

2017 New Member Tour

Not really a Porsche but a very nice tour car.

May 20th was the date for the new member tour. An annual event hosted by SVR.  The photo to the left includes members the Sanders and Dunn’s not touring with us but showing up to greet us at the start. Starting in El Dorado Hills our group of cars traveled North and East driving through some of the valleys most scenic areas. A short rest for  for the drivers along the South Fork of the American River at Lotus gave the drivers a short respite between legs. What rock pile would be complete without some stacked. I wouldn’t quite call it the “Vortex” since Sedona holds that title but a pleasant place nonetheless. The cars and people got a little break and watched the rafters float by readying themselves for a little bit of white water below. We split the tour group in to two with many of the first cars getting dibs on some shady spots. Traveling Southward we eventually crossed Highway 50 and into the northern end of the El Dorado wine country. Ending our tour with lunch and wine at Andis Winery. Andis is relatively new with a clean modern building and tasting room. They offer some picnic tables and chairs and have a Boccie Ball court for the enthusiast.  Our group was able to have a large shaded are in the winery building where our president encouraged us with his words 🙂 Since it was a new member tour Eduardo and many of our seasoned members spoke about some of our activities, including PCA events, such as Parade. Midway we had catered box lunches, hosted by SVR for the group. I believe all round it was a successful tour for our 60+ New members and and few of us oldies. 

SVR Autocross Series Off to Fast Start

The autocross season for SVR is off to a record start with the April 1st event attracting 67 drivers and a waiting list that could not be accommodated. SVR’s autocross team wants to put on great events and events geared toward having fun! That being said, the growth of our program has been based on providing a fantastic experience for the novice as well as the seasoned autocrosser. With the resurface of the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds in sight, it will become the largest autocross venue in Northern California with a total paved area of nearly 15 acres. Registration is now open for our May 6th event with less than a dozen spots remaining.

El Santo & SVR

El Santo (whose real name was Rodolfo Guzman Huerta) was born on Sept. 23, 1917 in Tulancigo, Hidalgo, Mexico.  He first appeared in the ring under the name “EL SANTO” eight years later (debuting July 26, 1942). He continued to wrestle until Sept. 12, 1982 (his last match being at the El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos in Mexico.) So his professional wrestling career spanned a total of 48 years! Santo started out as a “rudo” (bad guy) in the ring, but years later (in the early sixties) decided that becoming a technico (good guy) would greatly enhance his career. We heard that this is the time most people thought he got smart. As his wrestling career took off, so did his love for sports cars. He was well known for driving most everything from MG’S to Mercedes. It was rumored that he also owned a British Racing Green Carmen Ghia. There are a few You Tube videos about him and his cars. He passed away in February 1984.  Despite his demise at the age of 65, a couple of our members spotted what must have been his ghost driving one of his favorites. Having married three times and being favored with twelve children, he understood legacies and appreciated a good woman. In these photos he is chauffeuring one of the Queens of the Carnaval Jalostotitlan Parade 2017. Notice the Mexico license plates. Good cars are appreciated around the world.

Sacramento Valley Region is also known for their cars, and their people. We were one of the first regions to bring our club to the web. If you haven’t visited our Vimeo site, you should. Want to see what we’ve been up to? Visit our Shutterfly site. Did I mention Twitter?  or Facebook? Somebody mentioned the other night that we’re on the cutting edge. Of course from then on, everything was cutting edge. Even our dogs…. Ok, I stole this photo from somewhere but I’m sure one of our dogs is really cool and spends a little time in a Porsche. We’re on the cutting edge not because of our website, our technology or social media. We are here because of our members. One of the discussions at our last board meeting was our events are filling up too quickly. That’s a bad thing but it also indicates the level of participation of our membership.

This year we launch a new website. It’s a little different than some but what we continue to do is strive support our member’s interests. You’ll find that it’s phone & tablet friendly. Hope you enjoy wandering through.

Sacramento Valley Region News

Sacramento Valley continues to be one of the highest visited sites in PCA. We generally average 15,000 to 25,000 hits per month. We can thank our members but also many from around the world for these ratings. Next month SVR will be transitioning to a new website. Don’t worry we’ll still have all of the information that our visitors are looking for, including links to the award winning Drifter magazine, news and events hosted by our region, as well as PCA national, Zone 7 and many of the surrounding regions. A goal that I have set as the webmaster is to become a place for Porsche news for Porsche people.

02 Carrera Photo taken in Land Park

Are you a budding Hemingway? Our new site lends itself to a higher participation by our members, including contributors to the site content. We also plan on actively pursuing and posting photographs from our members. There are two things that are not on the calendar yet that we plan on doing later spring and summer. How does having a drone photo of our club, members and cars all at one place sound? How would you like your car photographed? Some of you may have seen the photos of Porsches I place on the corner of the site. I would like to photograph your car. We can run it natural or with a little touch up. If you are interested, contact me at

Tour of the TRG Facility

We started at The Racer’s Group in Petaluma for a tour of their racing facility. Kevin Buckler and crew gave us a warm reception and a little history of his business. Then out to the shop to look at the cars and where the tuning takes place…. Did I mention doughnuts? The group quickly split up into two groups. The wives went toward the bling rack and the husbands proceeded to the engines and tires. However, it didn’t take long to get anyone asked into a race car. A couple of men did make it into the car but were quickly pushed aside by the motor aficionados. TRG has a very interesting history. Now settled at their home in Petaluma they have added wine to their menu. We do believe in eating, drinking and driving. All in moderation of course. Kevin and group opened Adobe Winery on the wharf downtown. And there were cars…
Blue cars.. White cars !


Welcome to Sacramento Valley Region’s award winning website!  Our 1,000+ members belong to one of Northern California’s largest and most active Porsche Car Clubs.  Step inside and look around.  Perhaps you’ll find something that interests you, and even better, perhaps you’ll join us!

Member Larry Wilson wrote that we started meeting in an elementary school auditorium in early 1962 with thirty five Porsche owners.

This year we celebrate our 55th year and are able to introduce our official SVR 55th Year  badge, courtesy of Bob Cannon. You can read Larry’s entire article on our History page.