CRAB is Coming



May will be here before you know it. This year CRAB will be held at the California Automobile Museum in Sacramento. If you are a member of PCA and have never attended one of our events, this is the one to go to. “37” means we have done this thirty seven times and we’re still practicing. Meet other Porsche enthusiast for a weekend event. How you might say? It’s pretty simple. Just click here [maxbutton id=”1″]

Meanwhile, I know there are some Porsche artists out there.  You know, the one’s that doodle cars; especially Porsche cars. I’ve been thinking of setting aside a page just for us. Porsche Art.

If your interested, maybe slip me an email. Of course this needs to be your material and you must have full rights to use it.

Did you know that you can also submit an idea for our award winning monthly magazine, the Drifter? If you have a photo that talks Porsche and would like to see it considered, visit the Drifter page and follow our guidelines.