Your Voice Counts

You may notice that we try to run small polls on the front page of the site. We try to keep them short and informative and hopefully a little fun. Occasionally we try to make them informative for us on the board to gauge the wishes of our club members. It’s a great help if you take the time to answer one during your visit. You also may have notice some questions at the end of our recent ballot.

Sometimes results are surprising.

From the ballot members selected East Sacramento/Roseville or East Sacramento/Folsom as a preferred dinner locations. Members also indicated that the cost of our events are reasonable though a few found them too cheap. Some members commented that they would like to see more events on weekends since “there are still a few of us working.” This was directed at dinners, as well as tours. We also heard that for some of the older cars, early spring tours would be more fun because Porsches like other cars didn’t concentrate on air conditioning just a few years back.

Multiple day tours and single day tours were pretty much split for popularity. These were the most popular except the nine autocrossers that voted.

The last poll on the website asked if your Porsche was afraid of the rain or not. Surprising (to me) the results were virtually split in half. Of the thirty or so responses it was almost 50/50.

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