What comes in a new year

Last year SVR had a bang up year. We sponsored more tours, more dinners and other events than we’ve done in the recent past. The elections for the board of directors went smoothly even though we struggled for volunteers to fill some of the vacant positions. In the end, we were able to fill the position of Treasurer by Bob Peake stepping forward. Mike Willis came back to help us as the new Drifter Editor. As many of you know, we are going on line this coming year and Mike has been working hard to get it ready. This is a reminder to all of us that even though we generally have lots of help planning and executing our events, our club also needs people to go the extra mile and help manage. Being on the governing board is a commitment but it isn’t a sentence. Coupled with the last election ballot was a proposal for some changes to our bylaws. The committee worked long and hard on them though they did not pass. In retrospect many of us felt that there were some clarifications that should have been made and it could have been presented in a way a little easier to review by the members. The new board will take this up and finish the modifications, many of which are to better align our bylaws with PCA national. It will be presented again in a more easily read document for your consideration.

This coming year we have a few new and hopefully exciting changes and opportunities. Our new Tour Chair, Liz Houser plans on pushing single day tours. Look for a new menu item on the website with a page listing these as they are added. They will also be added to the calendar. Many of them will be informal get togethers to enjoy the car that you drive, the friends that you’ve made and maybe you’ll discover some food or entertainment that you haven’t experienced yet. Join us in welcoming some new board members. Rob and Julie Lee who came from the Potomac Region and Lois Roberts who stepped up to the Charity position last year and is originally from Space Coast (Florida). I’ll let them tell their stories when you run into them at the dinner or drive you attend.

On a sad note, we also lost four of our long time members last year. Barbara McCrory, Larry Wilson, Dolores Weddle and recently Bud Behrens. Please take a moment to remember them. All of them served our club in many capacities over the years and will be missed by a lot of us.

Drive on, Drive safely from the Webmaster, SVR

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