Some of you may know that my wife and I relocated to Washington last year. We’re still planning on doing some activities with our club, SVR but we’re now members of the Pacific Northwest Region of Porsche Club. I guess we need to get used to saying “our clubs” instead of “our club.” Though PNWR is much larger than SVR, we’ve found the people to be welcoming just like we were welcomed into Sacramento Valley a few years back. With a couple of tours and a dinner behind us, we’re getting our sea legs (old fisherman saying) on. Let’s face it, for the most part, Porsche people are Porsche people.

While Washington doesn’t have the redwoods or the Sequoia’s, practically the entire western state is covered in trees. In twenty minutes to a half an hour we can be to some mountain, lake or river. The sound which splits most of the state from the ocean is always a drive of a few minutes. The ocean is something we miss most because from almost anywhere it’s a three + hour drive! The darn sound and islands get in the way. SVR sponsors several tours a year to great places in California. Mendocino, Eureka, Pacific Grove and Cambria. The last couple of years tours to the North woods such as Weaverville have been added. This is a fun ride through great country and roads. Something I would like to see is a tour up through Crescent City and across 199 through the Jedediah Smith Redwoods. This is through one of California’s old growth forests. Maybe someone reading this would like to take this tour on. Contact our tour chair, Liz Houser. How about a tour to an art museum? Sacramento’s Crocker Museum is a very nice destination and there are many restaurants nearby. Why art? Both my wife and I are artists. Speaking of art; do any of you draw cars, maybe Porsches….. maybe I should get it going? I would be happy to highlight your work whether it be drawings, paintings or photos of our Porsche marquee..

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You may have noticed some changes going on. I have added a little plugin (web speak) to our calendar. I hope you’re enjoying it. Did you know you can change the view? Just look up at the upper right hand corner. You can select a weekly, monthly or one of the enhanced views that I’ve set up. There may be some time you wish to go and look at a copy of a Drifter from a few years back. I’ve also done some things to that as well. Take a look here. If you have any suggestions for things you would like to see or think I should add, feel free to contact me at

Speaking of changes, how do you like the new format for our Drifter? Mike would like to hear your comments and or suggestions. Email the editor at

This is your club. Make the most of it…

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