The CRAB is Back

After a hiatus of a year, CRAB is back. I’m not sure that one year absence really gives it hiatus status but it fits the introduction. We return to the California Automobile Museum for CRAB 38. If you attended CRAB 37, hopefully you spent some time to wander through the museum. Maybe you’re like me and spotted one of the first cars I owned, a 59 Triumph TR3. The museum’s model was green while mine was black. Could one of yours be lurking somewhere in the halls. Maybe a car belonging to a neighbor growing up.

Hopefully you’ve noticed that since the Drifter has gone on line, the website, Drifter and the Blast are much more coordinated. Over the last couple of years SVR has encouraged electronic registration for our events using Eventbrite. I’ve found this to be much easier than sending a check though the mail, then wondering if it got there on time, sent to the right address or made out to the correct institution. What do you think? Many of the flyers in the Drifter point to the website for more information. Some will have a link directly to Eventbrite.

Something else you may notice is we have pushed more information to the website, including informational forms, as well as forms to help you plan an event with SVR. Soon I will have an online form that can be filled out and submitted right on the website. Don’t forget to contact our Social Chair, Mardi to learn more about hosting an event. We welcome experienced and novice hosts. Speaking of experienced hosts, Parade comes back to California this year. Follow the links for our site or go directly to

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