Our Thoughts April, 2020

Everybody is tired of hearing about the novel coronavirus by now. Except for the news media which no matter what your political beliefs are, blow everything out of proportion to gain ratings. The club, SVR is based on camaraderie and it’s difficult whether you have decided to self-isolate or by order to do so. Lets face it, it’s hard to be social without being social. Someone sent me a video of an Italian grandmother giving advice on how to survive this. For a light moment, you can follow this link Seriously, it is affecting everyone right now, even those of us who are retired. We especially feel for those who depend on crowds for their living. The board, like the government intends to look fifteen days ahead to try to gauge the risks involved with our activities. In the end, it is up to you to make your own decision based on your determination of your, and your families risk.

While the Sacramento area has been experiencing some well needed rain, up here where I now live has finally had a break from rain and we’ve had some much needed exposure to vitamin D. Blue sky for the last four days. Not to make anyone jealous but this is a photo I took up in Anacortes, WA last Sunday. We wanted to go back and stay a few days but, ahh, the restaurants were going to close and we decided that a hotel wasn’t the best place to be right now. This summer though, we’ll be back. Maybe a trip to the San Juan’s. Let me not forget to tell you, stay away from Washington, it rains all the time here (That is what we are supposed to tell people. Especially Californians).

I encourage you to follow the  guidelines from the CDC, but remember,a drive still can be considered as self-isolation… My take only.

Some of you may have noticed, our website includes a “blog” called Our Thoughts. Up until now, our thoughts have just been my own. If you would like to contribute, I would gladly accept anything to do with our club, Porsches, or most anything that would enhance our experience. Speaking of that, have any of you heard of a podcast called CarsYeah? I was first made aware of it when Mark Green was a guest speaker at a Porsche event up here. If you like cars and the people behind them, he has a tremendous list of people he’s interviewed in the Porsche world and cars in general. Mark is a Porsche driver and belongs to the club here in the northwest. Check him out https://carsyeah.com/ Who would have thought us old guys (and gals) would be listening to podcast.

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