Do Porsche’s go to Heaven?

Do Porsche’s go to heaven when they die? Apparently they go to Lithuania. Most of you probably don’t know but a year ago, almost to the day I totaled my Cayenne. This happened roughly eight days after moving to our house up here. Without going into the details, the airbags were deployed. Of course my insurance company considered it a total loss and they eventually paid off.

Clock forward a year. I am driving another Porsche having mostly moved on from the loss of one of my finest cars. To my dismay I receive an email through our contact form on the website. It was sent from the owner of a newly restored Porsche Cayenne…………………. In Lithuania. He knew to contact us because I had left one of my SVR badges in the car. What Gediminas didn’t know was that I am the one who receives the email from our contact form on our website.

After a little conversation I found that the vehicle had been restored to new, including the original paint. He had tuned it with a GTS kit and added 20” wheels. Though I was hoping for some photos of the car in front of some historical buildings, I suppose Lithuania in its modern setting is really just fine. In fact it might be just a little bit shinier.

Rest easy now you know your Porsche is covered.

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