Our Thoughts June

Our Thoughts June, 2020

I did not write a column last month. I decided I was going to refuse to write anything that mentions the…. Instead I went on with my life, mostly in a normal way. Yesterday I went out painting with a friend of mine at a nature preserve.

If you caught the recent PCA news flyer they had a link to Porsche at Home. In it they included a few coloring book pages of Porsche models. Yes, adult coloring books. I thought that maybe this would make a good activity for our Porsche “kids.” no matter what age they are. Further thoughts produced the idea for a contest. Let us come up with Porsche art for the cover of our Drifter. So here it is in short. The full contest rules and description will be coming out with the June Drifter. Age groups include 8 and under, 9-12, 13- 15 and 16-18. All groups get a chance to with prizes with the grand prize of being the designer of the Drifter cover. Probably the August issue. You would also get a prize. So, you know, the prizes are awesome.

Moving on, it’s now May. I suppose the Sacramento valley is now experiencing temperatures in the high eighties, maybe nineties. I have discovered that my wife has finally acclimated to the weather up here in the northwest. Just the other day she questioned why I wanted to do something or another because it was going to be too hot! I responded that it was only going to be 80 degrees tops. This is a girl who grew up in Red Buff and didn’t consider it swimming weather until it was 105. Growing up we didn’t have air conditioning. Since then our homes have always been air conditioned. We’ve now come a full circle and we now are without air conditioning again. We do have a basement which is fully improved, and which also houses my art studio. Its average temperature is in the high 50’s to mid 60’s. That is something I always missed in Sacramento, a basement although on the ranch they were called a cellar. They also weren’t improved and certainly didn’t include a bunch of wine.

A last thought. Last week we took a trip over to eastern Washington to get some sunshine. While the West coast was cloud covered and rainy, Wenatchee and the surrounding area was clear and a little windy. Lake Chelan was flat and fishing was fairly good. Who would think there would be King Salmon in a lake. There is a native population of them trapped in Lake Chelan. Though we tried, none of them appeared on the end of any of our lines but we did limit out on Kokanee. The government has issued an edict that fishing would be allowed as long as you don’t have too much fun and with too many people. Memorial Day weekend brought the usual boat fulls of young partially adults, whom I am sure were not drinking too much. Oh, social distancing I’m sure. At least as much as possible when riding in a boat made for six, with eight to ten.

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