Sacramento Valley Region’s calendar is filled with activities to spark the interest of all of our club members. In addition to smaller regional get togethers such as dinners and tours, we host several major events a year. Here is a list of many of our activities and their descriptions. Many of our events offer registration straight to the event chairs or sponsors. Other events, such as some of our tours and larger events, we will offer registration through  MotorsportReg. Look for our events on our calendar for specific event registration information.

FunKana at CRAB 36

CRAB used to be an acronym for something in particular, but now merely denotes a weekend-long party filled with all manner of Porsche-related activities.  Porsche owners from SVR, Zone 7, PCA National Headquarters and as far away as West Virginia and Florida have enjoyed the 36 CRABs since its birth in 1972.   We are in the planning stages of CRAB 37. Over the years other events have been added such as – driving tours, walking tours, games, technical knowledge competitions, etc.

  • Carrera de Sierra – One of SVR’s oldest events, “Carrera” is a one or two day rally and/or tour through the Sierra Nevada foothills and mountains.  Normally held in early-to-mid September, members enjoy driving great roads, picnicking amongst Mother Nature’s splendor, enjoying informal partying and having a wonderful time where California’s founders gave life to the state’s early history.
  • Concours – A Concours (full name Concours d’Elegance) is a car show.  There are two basic types of Concours. In the first, the principle object is to show the car in its most perfect condition (usually cleanliness and like new condition, but originality may play a role in some Concours).  The idea is that every car starts out perfect and as the judge finds something amiss he/she deducts points.  The second type is to just “show” the car – no extensive cleaning or preparation required.  Simply gather our favorite Automobile Marque and allow folks to wander amongst them to enjoy Porsches from across the decades.
  • Driver EducationClick here if you already know about DE and want to know how DE and Track Days work?.  Article courtesy of the April 2013 DRIFTER.  Abbreviated DE, Driver Education is an event held at a race track.  The purpose is to improve driving skills.  Race tracks are used for driver education events because they don’t have oncoming traffic lanes and because they do have safety amenities like flaggers, tow trucks, run-off areas (in some places), and guard rails (in certain areas).  Also tracks don’t have arbitrarily imposed speed limits.  As a result, a driver has the chance to learn the track gradually increase speed so that skills have time to develop – under conditions that are more controlled (and safer) than on the street.
  • Gymkhana – A gymkhana is an autocross-like event where the emphasis is NOT on speed, but on the driver’s ability to negotiate a course with extreme precision.  It can involve backing up into a space, driving blind folded with a navigator to help stay on course, or other miscellaneous things like popping a balloon with your right front tire.  This is, of course, a very low speed event, but one that can be a lot of fun for both participants and spectators!
  • Mendocino – Mendocino is what we call one of SVR’s favorite happenings and winner of “Zone 7 Event of the Year.”  Held in late-October/early-November, it is a weekend (although some stretch that a few days) tour across the Napa, Sonoma, Alexander, Russian River and “other” Valleys to California’s North Coast.   Bedding down in a number of different accommodations on, or within sight of, the ocean, Porsche lovers enjoy partying, eating, gallery hunting, kite flying, antique shopping, playing both “regular” and miniature golf and the myriad other things offered by the Mendocino area.
  • Monthly Club Breakfast – The 1st Saturday of most months will find SVR members enjoying an informal breakfast get together.  Why?  Just “cuz” it provides another opportunity to mingle with fellow Porschephiles.
  • Monthly Dinners – Most months, a dinner event is scheduled where members gather at an area restaurant or someone’s home to enjoy assorted yummies, swap stories, laugh and generally carouse a bit in celebration of friendship and driving a Porsche.
  • New Member Group – The New Member Group includes any SVR Member who has joined within the previous 12 months – either by joining PCA or transferring into the region.  The Group purpose is to make new members feel welcome and “part of” the region, provide opportunities to meet other new members and Club Officers, introduce the kinds of events we enjoy, solicit ideas for making SVR more appealing to a broader group of Porsche owners and encourage participation in Club activities.
  • Rally – Rallies are run on paved roads at the legal speed limit.  They do not cause excessive wear on a vehicle or place its driver/ navigator at risk.  They can be family events in which Sunday drives are made more interesting by a set of rules to get from the starting point to one’s final destination.  Although rallying is a competitive sport.  It is also a great equalizer.  Dollars do not decide the outcome of class winners.  Any car can compete on equal footing with the deep wallet guys.  Unlike autocross or track events, winning teams have less that $50 invested in their competition package.
  • Tech Session – Tech Sessions are seminars held at a member’s house or a business facility presenting an in depth discussion or demonstration of a particular subject matter.  Representative subjects might be brakes, alignment, hot set-ups for the track or autocross, detailing, fuel injection systems, timing chains and tensioners, engine tear down, etc.  The purpose is to help you learn more about your car and better understand what your mechanic is telling you about your car.  Some sessions actually teach you how to perform maintenance tasks: change your oil, check your brake pads, etc.  The goal is better understanding and better maintenance of your Porsche.
  • Tour – A tour is a relaxing drive (normally with a Porsche in view in front and back of you) to an interesting destination.  There are usually interesting scenery and back roads on the way as well.  It is a non-competitive event, meant to provide enjoyment of your car in the company of other Porsche owners sharing an interesting experience.