Candidate Statements for 2021 Board of Directors

Candidate Statements – SVR President

Steve Barker

Please consider this as my submission for your consideration to serve as President of Sacramento Valley Region for 2021.

Having served multiple times as President 2020, 2013, 2014, Vice President and Past President, it has been a pleasure seeing the club grow in membership while offering a wide variety of activities for all to make this a place of fun and friendship.

As we have dealt with Covid 19 making 2020 one of the strangest years I look forward to serving again as your President and making 2021 a banner year and getting back to many activities.

During 2020 there have been a number of changes to how the club operates such as going to a digital version of The Drifter, a completely revised set of by-laws that will take effect Jan 2021, changes to the number of Board of Directors, as well as creating a new committee to manage the evolution of our logo, not to mention a change to the Webmaster.  Managing thru these changes was challenging but the club can be assured the members of the Board worked thru each challenge together even as some have done double duty.

Let’s keep the momentum going as we look ahead to CRAB in 2021 and the clubs 60th Anniversary in 2022! 

Thank you for your vote!

Steve Barker
President, SVR

Eduardo Ortega, Jr.

Having served as your President in 2017 was an honor and a privilege.  It fulfilled a long term goal after a five-year journey of service in the Board of Directors as your two-times Social Director, two-times Secretary and one-time Vice President. This journey started during my New Members Tour in 2011, when I responded to the call of duty for Board service.  In 2016, during Collin Fat’s second term as President and my second time as Vice-President, we won the 2016 Region of the Year Award from the National Porsche Club Of America. My contribution to that effort (as 2016 Vice President) was to keep the master calendar of events of SVR and to provide the insurance from national PCA for the events to proceed (this included the CRAB 36 multiple layered master release of liability for this complex event). During my two years as Vice President and one year as President I developed close relationships with other Zone 7 Region Presidents and Boards for the implementation of the Multi-Day Zone 7 Tour across vast geographical portions of Northern Zone 7, with Zone 7 Representative Sandy Provasi and National PCA. In National PCA I became close to Charlotte Chirinos, Executive Director Vu Nguyen and now PCA Past President Caren Cooper. In 2017 I started my Presidency in top of the world. My biggest goal was to properly shepherd our club to a yet-to-be determined CRAB 37 in 2018 (to continue a club goal to revive CRAB events in a two-year repeating cycle) since CRAB 36 in 2016 had managed the return to our club of our most complex and prestigious event after a five-year hiatus following CRAB 35. But after careful consideration and consultation with my wife Margarita, I decided to take a break from Board service mainly due to work and family obligations. Please click on this hyperlink to see a brief slide show video with images of my SVR club, professional and personal life captured over the 10 years I have belonged to SVR. I am also honored to have received the following endorsements from SVR Past Presidents for my 2021 Candidacy for President:

  • Jim Karver (President 1973)
  • Rik Larson (President 1980, 1996 and 1997)
  • Mike Willis (President 1991, 1992, 2007 and 2008)
  • Bob Peake (President 1998 and 1999)
  • Yvonne “Cookie” Anderson (President 2009 and 2010)
  • Collin Fat (President 2015 and 2016)

What few people know is that my six-year-service in the Board came at a certain personal price. Nothing is free in life. There are no perpetual motion machines. There are no successes in the world of business without years of hard and prolonged work to make it happen. Likewise, in my case, I managed six years of continuous Board service (service in which I missed a monthly board meeting only twice) juggling a highly demanding professional career as a Structural Bridge Engineer managing multi-million dollar transportation projects for the State of California and as a father and husband of a small family. My daughter Desiree was 14 years old when I started my Board service, and 20 years old when I finished (for all the fathers and mothers in our membership reading this, you know very well that raising a child takes a huge amount of effort, and while I loved every minute of my service to SVR and the Board, I cannot deny those years of service did cost some quality time I was not able to provide to raising my daughter and tending to my wife). That is the nature of our finite lives on this earth. There are only a set amount of hours in the day that cannot be stretched out no matter how hard one tries, and sooner or later “we all have to pay the pied piper” as the saying goes. There are no free lunches in life. As you read this statement, you might be asking in your minds why did I give some of my personal life to serve in our SVR Board of Directors? Because my family education and Latin-American roots taught me that honor, service, integrity and hard work is what makes a man or a woman succeed in life and to make a difference in this world. I learned to love this club in my years of Board service and I wanted to make a difference in SVR, its members and the life of the club. And I did make a difference in those six years of Board service (just ask any member that witnessed my board service and they will attest to this fact) even though it came at a certain personal price that I was glad to pay. At the end of my Presidency in 2017 I decided to step back and take a break from my continuous Board service.

Fast-forward three years later, and now living in this dreaded apocalyptic 2020 year, I am not the same person I was in 2017. None of us are, if we care about improving our lives and better ourselves as we move forward by the impulse and momentum carried by the forward motion of the sands of time. This year marked my 10th Anniversary as a member of the Sacramento Valley Region of our PCA. During my own history in SVR, knowing legendary members like Past President Larry Wilson (RIP) and personally learning lessons from him have blessed me to learn and grow by expanding the horizons of my mind. I have learned incredible wisdom from past Drifter Editors Bob Jacobson and Steve McCrory. I also have learned in person priceless wisdom from Past Presidents Rik Larson, Kim Nelson, Cookie Anderson and Frederick Rauch. And I cannot leave this prestigious company without mentioning the lessons I have learned and keep learning from my 2015 and 2016 President and now Zone 7 Representative Collin Fat. It is this legacy of wisdom and integrity from these gentlemen what propels me and our club to move forward and to revitalize the roots of this club, to help with the welcoming of new incoming members and fulfilling the roots and vision of the future for this club. I also must formally recognize the lessons and wisdom I have learned from the women which I was fortunate enough to have served alongside the Board of Directors, e.g. Linda Bradford, Joy Nieslony, Janet Conner, Alma Thompson and Liz Houser, just to mention a few of them.

I am ready and willing to serve a two-year term under the new approved by-laws. Even though for the foreseeable nine to twelve months we will still be dealing closely with the Covid-19 enhanced club-safety guidelines from National PCA to put events together, the following are my main goals I want to achieve as your President (once the pandemic subsides and is not the main focus in our lives):

  • The resurrection of the printed “The Drifter” as a “Classical Edition” published twice per year. This will not be our newsletter and it will not compete with our new electronic version “The Drifter”. It has been proven that the electronic publication is the most cost effective and efficient way of publishing our newsletter. But a historical printed Drifter will bring back value to our advertisers and promote new membership as our paper-printed publication has always done.
  • I will study how to bring “Dual Club Membership” back. There are very long-term SVR members around the USA that have maintained their dual membership for decades and they deserve to have it returned.
  • I will help (as the Administrator and content creator of our SVR High Definition Video Archive in our own Vimeo channel) with the effort of the new SVR logo redesign.
  • I will actively pursue Generation X, Generation Y and Millennials to get involved in the Club and bring with them their advanced information technology and social media skills for the betterment of our club. To accomplish this, I will create and shepherd a “Young Members Group”.
  • I will aspire to serve as the President of our entire membership, promote a culture of openness and welcoming of all members, and use my logical engineering thinking skills to be a bridge of communication among all the sectors of our club.

I will greatly appreciate your vote for President in 2021 and I conclude with the following excerpt of the social corner column I wrote for the celebration of SVR’s 50th  Anniversary back in August 2012 edition of  “The Drifter”: 

Our original chapter members and earlier generations have built the foundations for SVR. Now it is the duty of the “younger” and new members
like me to preserve the SVR legacy built upon 50 years of hard work, to ensure that when we receive the baton from the earlier generations, we keep the identity of this chapter intact and keep it moving confidently towards the future”.

May God bless the United States of America and also the members of the National Porsche Club of America, all its Zones and Regions, and our beloved Sacramento Valley Region. Thank you for your consideration for me to serve as President in 2021, from the bottom of my heart.

Eduardo Ortega Jr.

2017 President

Past President

Candidate Statement – SVR Vice President

Rob Lee

I am submitting this candidate statement as my request to run for Vice President of the Sacramento Valley Region Club (SVR), Porsche Club of America (PCA) to serve in office during the 2021-2022 period.

I have served in this position during the past difficult year providing leadership both to the Board of Directors and the club membership as the club adjusted to massive Covid 19 restrictions on our overall activities. I have the proven qualifications and desire to continue to make significant contributions in the SVR club as Vice President. Additionally, I fully understand the duties, responsibilities, and procedures of the SVR Club Vice President and President should I have to fill in for the club President.  I believe I am a good ‘fit” for the position.

During my professional working years, I have pursued three different successful careers which involved a wide range of responsibilities within the upper levels of the U.S. military, private industry, and the U. S. Federal Civil Service. In every position I was responsible for maintaining an organizational calendar of major events which required daily detailed coordination with multicable organizations. As a Committee Chairman for a Boy Scout Troop, I was responsible for maintaining and submitting event insurance forms. Lastly, I have chaired numerous meeting during my profession career and represented my organization at national and international level meetings as the principal.

My wife and I have been involved in the full range of club activities since joining the Sacramento Valley Region club in March 2017.  Besides serving as Board members (VP and Secretary), we have successfully planned and chaired two major club events: The Castle Museum Tour in 2018 and a Dinner at Kathrin’s Bier Garden in August of last year.  Julie and I both participated in and completed last year’s SVR Autocross School. Prior to this year’s Covid 19 shutdown of many of SVR activities we were co-chair planners for CRAB 38 Tour and will do so again for 2021.

I have always been an active volunteer and contributing member of my community in many organizations over the years. Specific examples are:

2020. Organizer, Support Rally for the Folsom Police

2020. Member, Historic and Collector Arms Committee, California Rifle and Pistol Association

2020. Member, Folsom Citizen’s Academy (closed because of Covid 19)

2019. Graduate, Sacramento County Citizen’s Academy

2019. Chairperson, Folsom/North Sac County Chapter of the California Rifle and Pistol Association

2018.  Volunteer, Folsom Day of Service

2017-to date. Board Vice President, American River Canyon Cluster Homes (HOA), Folsom, CA

2017- to date. Recruiter, California Rifle and Pistol Association, Northern California

2016. Volunteer Election Official, United States 2016 Presidential Election

2915-17. Member, Potomac Region, Porsche Club of America

2000-2011. Chairman and Assistant Scout Master, Boy Scouts of America Troop 1150, Alexandria, VA

1995-2000. Disaster Action Team (DAT) Team Leader, American Red Cross, Alexandria, VA Chapter 1988-1995. Board Member and Treasurer, of Gentle Lane HOA, Alexandria, VA

Rob Lee

Candidate Statement – SVR Secretary

Julie Lee

I am submitting this candidate statement as my request to run for Secretary of the Porsche Club of America (PCA) Sacramento Valley Region Club (SVR).  I believe I have the qualifications and desire to make a significant contribution to the SVR club and I have served in this role since January 1. 2020.

Rob and I joined the club in March 2017 and have attended a wide variety of events, e.g. dinners, baseball games, day trips, as well as overnight trips.  We have found the club to be lots of fun comprised of like-minded, nice, fun people.

After arriving in the SVR we quickly became involved in club activities. We successfully planned and organized two club events: The Castle Museum Tour and Dinner at Kathrin’s Bier Garden. We also participated in and completed last year’s SVR Autocross School.  Lastly, I helped map out the driving event for CRAB 38 Tour, that unfortunately was canceled due to Covid.

Professional qualifications and experience

I believe I am highly qualified for this role.  As the Director of Board Support for AARP Financial, I was responsible for taking and publishing the minutes for all Board meetings for two different Boards.  The minutes were required to be signed off on by our General Counsel.  Additionally, I was responsible for a wide variety of duties in supporting the Board, e.g. Board Books, presentations, logistics, etc.  I held this role for several years until I was promoted to VP, AARP Driver Safety Program.   In this role, I was responsible for 8,000 volunteers, nationwide, a staff of 25, and a budget in excess of $12M.  Additionally, I supervised a group of senior volunteers who acted as our “Board”.  We met formally on quarterly basis.  Information was presented to them in a Board-like manner and minutes were published.  The key to my success in both of these roles was my ability to communicate effectively and efficiently. 

Finally, I have had a wide and varied career.  I have more than 25 years’ experience in Human Resources; staffing, recruiting, employee relations, organizational development, and training and worked in the following organizations: Perpetual Savings Bank, the Defense Intelligence Agency and AARP.  Additionally, I retired after 20 years in the Air Force (Reserves) as a transportation/logistics officer. Currently, I am a Docent for the Folsom City Sanctuary Zoo and a volunteer for the California Rifle and Pistol Association, Northern California.  I also represent my sorority, Delta Gamma at the Sacramento Alumnae Panhellenic Association.

Candidate Statement – SVR Treasurer

Bob Peake

I bought my first Porsche, a ’67 912 in 1976. In 1979 I moved to Sacramento and joined SVR. It was a great group of about 400 people who enjoyed Porsche’s ,and lots of fun activities. In 1981 I got the award for Most Active Member; I think I attend 46 events that year. I have been more and less active over the years depending on what else was going on in my life. But PCA has always been something special to me and I’ve made many great friends in the club over the years.

I’ve been on the Board over a dozen times over the years in various positions, everything except Secretary I think. I was President in ’98 and ’99 and brought the National Parade to Sacramento 2000, as a Zone 7 event.

Our club runs on voluntarism. I would like to volunteer to be your Treasurer again for 2021-2023. I have the time, energy, experience, and desire to be your Treasurer again. I would appreciate your support, and look forward to seeing you at many events in the next 2 years. Hopefully we will be able to provide you with many more events as COVID-19, hopefully, has less impact on our lives in the coming years.

Thank You,

Bob Peake

Candidate Statement – SVR Membership Director

Sue Sanders

I have been a member of the PCA/SVR since 2011. During that time I have served as “Social Director” for 2 years and I have been the “New Member Chair” ever since. I have put on many New Member Dinners and New Member Tours during this time. I have also put on some monthly dinners and have help host the “Cambria Tour” 3 times.

I am running for Membership Director this year. I feel I am qualified having prior experience working with the New Members and having worked in administrative positions for many years.

Thank you for your consideration, Sue Sanders

Candidate Statement – SVR Social Director

Mardi Quain

In 2014 Skip and I joined SVR with the intent of enjoying activities around our Porsche, meeting new friends and contributing to the SVR club experience. Since that time I have served as Social Director for two years, one year as Secretary, and now again in 2020 as Social Director.

Some of the activities initiated or participated in, are:

Social Director:   

Initiated: The Hosting Seminar 2018 and offered again 2020. Concept of forward event bookings into New Year and before January Planning Party

Secretary:  Chaired the Bylaws Committee 2019, resulting in updated Bylaws approved by membership and effective 1/1/2021

Hosted with Skip, beginning 2015:

Valentines Dinner, Blackhawk Museum Tour, annual Detail Maniac Seminars, Rivercats Baseball games

Have participated in organization and efforts for events:

          CRAB Nos. 36, 37, and the to be 38

          Christmas Party 2019

          Covid Christmas 2020

Plus, have enjoyed the many dinners and tours offered by other members. SVR has added fun and purpose for both Skip and I.  So I will welcome the opportunity to continue to be Social Director for the new term and hope you will vote for me.

Thank you,

Mardi Quain