Crab 38

CRAB is the premier multi-zone event put on by the Sacramento Valley Region of PCA. Often referred to as a smaller version of PCA’s annual Parade, CRAB is similar in that it includes activities for everyone, from Autocross, to Concours, Rallye, Touring and socializing. CRAB brings together Porsche enthusiasts from regions throughout the west coast and beyond! Whether you are a long time PCA member, new to the club, or simply wanting to find out what the Porsche Club is all about, CRAB is a spectacular event that provides fun and comradery for everyone. Soon there will be more information provided in links below, and hope to see you at CRAB 38!

Do you need more information? Below are links to various pages containing information about crab in general, the events and how to make the most of it.

Special Awards

So, What is CRAB? – Includes the current CRAB Schedule and some history

Registration is OPEN

Some Photos