General Information & Forms

Here you will find resources for policies & guidance from SVR and PCA. Below are downloadable forms and other documentation that may be useful to you as a event host, Chair or club member. We also have links to other club documents, including the bylaws here.

  • Our Full Business Name: Porsche Club of America, Sacramento Valley Region
  • We are a 501(c)(7) Corporation
  • Date of incorporation is April 30, 1964
  • Our business address is P. O. Box 254651 Sacramento, CA 95865-4651
  • Our approved bylaws effective January 1, 2021 can be found here
  •  Our Current Policy Statement can be found here
  • Our Website Privacy Policy can be found here

Downloadable Forms & Guides

Event Forms:

  • Treasury Submittal Form  To be used for reimbursements, distributions etc.
  • Billing & Invoice Form  To be used to request a billing/invoice be generated.
  • Event Budget Form To be used to submit a budget to the Social Director.
  • If you need our Letterhead (Color) Please request a copy from our webmaster.
  • If you are planning an event and need a flyer for it, you can use this form or use our on line form which will also add the information we need to set up on line ticketing. You can find it here.  If you have any questions or need advice, contact the webmaster. It is important that you keep our Social Director in the loop on events.
  • SVR Event Guidelines can be found here.
  • SVR Personnel Protection Guidelines can be found here.
  • NEW MSR Training for event posting can be found here.
  • NEW MSR Registration Guide can be found here.

Other Helpful Information:

  • Drifter Advertising A little information about our publication and who to contact.
  • Contact our Our New Member Group
  • We encourage content in photos or other written information from our members. Contact our webmaster for guidelines on website submissions or our Drifter Editor for guidelines for submissions to the Drifter.

Forms Available from PCA:

After logging in to your account there are several forms available from PCA including;

  • Post Event Report
  • Observer & Incident Report Guidelines
  • Incident Report – Driving Events
  • Incident Report – Non-Driving Events
  • Guidelines for Autocross, Driver’s Education, Rally and both On- and Off-Road Tour Events
  • Observer’s Reports for Autocross, Driver’s Education, Rally, Technical Session and Tour Events
  • Release of Liability Forms
    • General Release for All Events
    • Minors as Observers
    • Minors as Participants
    • Minors in Touring Laps

You can contact us by going here