The Last Word

I am writing this today to inform our members that this will be my last post as webmaster of SVR. It’s complicated but soon another member will take up my responsibilities as the webmaster. If the current bylaws revision is approved by the members, the role of the webmaster will move from a board position to that as a chair. 

As many of you know, I moved out of the region a little over a year ago. SVR chose to abandon dual membership so I am a primary member of PNWR, Porsche Club North West Region. Like SVR, we have had numerous events cancelled because of this “virus.” We have been on a couple of tours since we’ve been here though. 

The current past president, Gregg Plourde will be acting webmaster. Since his background is very similar to mine, being in IT, the transition should be very smooth. One thing, when positions like this are rotated, you get a different perspective and websites that have become stale (not that I believe our has) can be rejuvenated.

I wish all of SVR good luck as I personally move on to another adventure.

Bill Fargo


Surviving the Lockdown

by Collin Fat

I suppose that everyone who is reading this blurb on the SVR website is in the same boat as me and that is getting cabin fever! My wife and I are retired and thought we would breeze through the current situation easily, but it has been going on so long now that we are sorely missing our routine.  Most of our normal activities are not available or severely restricted, such as going to the gym, tennis, golf, autocrossing, and touring.  Although, my daughter has relieved us of babysitting duties because of fears of getting her parents possibly infected, we surely miss them. Facetime just doesn’t cut it.

Both of us are also missing our Porsche Club friends and going to dinners and tours. We had registered for Treffen Broadmoor in Colorado in March and were looking forward to traveling with other SVR friends who had also registered. It was cancelled. Oh well, good call PCA. Next up on the calendar was Parade in Palm Desert at the La Quinta Resort. It was also cancelled just recently. My autocross and track days have yet to materialize with no events to participate in until late June or July. Both programs are on hold and in a wait and see mode. My Porsches are getting antsy for some for some real thrashing! Guess that will have to wait. So as I sit hear writing this article, I thought I would let you all know, that even the hair impaired among us men need haircuts and you simply cannot get by after 8 or 10 weeks without a haircut. This situation has been made so much worst given the governor’s phase in program for getting back to normal. Though the state may open up phase one restrictions by the end of this month, barber shops and salons aren’t scheduled to open until phase three! Yikes, do the math and that might not be until end of July or another 12 weeks. I thought to myself, maybe I should buy some clippers at Best Buy and do my own hair! Scary proposition and I said no, let’s wait a few more weeks and maybe the state will decide to give barbershops a reprieve. I thought, if pet groomers are allowed to open why can’t the human version be open as well! This being said, I saw a news article on KCRA channel 3 about a barbershop in Vacaville called Primos that was ignoring the state’s order and was open for business. The business could have risked being shut down by the local sheriff’s office and subject to fines by the city. However, looking at an opportunity to get my hair cut I called today and they in fact were still open. I asked if I could make an appointment as I was travelling from Granite Bay to Vacaville and it was going to take me about 45 minutes. The shop responded that they were booked for the next 3 days, but that I could come in and just wait without an appointment.

Collin with owner Juan Desmarias

I just did so but had to wait about 55 minutes while those men with appoints entered the shop. You might ask “why did Collin take the risk of getting infected?” The short answer is I badly needed a haircut! After sitting in the barber chair, I told the young barber how I would like my haircut of which he acknowledged and I was out in about 20 minutes. The shop has 8 chairs and all were full the total of 1.5 hours I was in or waiting for my haircut.

Primo’s Barbershop

The moral of this story is if you are in need of a haircut, try Primo’s in Vacaville and tell them your friend from the Porsche Club sent you! Unless you are retired like me I suggest you make an appointment.

What color is your car?

The current poll on our website is “What color is your car?” “Is there a reason why?” The answers have been sometimes amusing, others informative and sometimes sad. What I’ve found generally is that for most, it’s the color of the car they ended up buying. Whether it was due to price constraints or because of the particular model sought.

Here are some of the answers. The first line would be the color. The second, the reason why.

  1. Ocean Blue
    1. Blue is my favorite color
  2. Yachting Blue Metalic
    1. It looks great on a 911
  3. Black
    1. Because Orange is Rare
  4. Ivory
    1. It’s beautiful
  5. Meteor Gray
    1. It’s not too flashy and not likely to out of style
  6. Mocha Black
    1. Because it was the car in my price range. 1st Porsche ever
  7. Black
    1. No
  8. Pathetic white metallic
    1. Apparently Porsche hasn’t paid any attention to what other manufacturers do with their white metallic paint.
  9. Lapis Blue
    1. What other color would you want.

California Smog Check Amendment

California assemblyman Randy Voepel has introduced Assembly Bill AB 210 which would amend the current Section 44011 of the Health and Safety Code, relating to vehicular air pollution.

If passed it would change the exception for smog requirements for vehicles built before 1983. Currently only vehicles built befor 1976 are exempt. We encourage the passing of this bill since it will benefit many of our members who collect or just drive older model year Porsche’s.

Werks Reunion 2018

Soon Werks will be upon us. Before you know it August 24th will be here and you will be there or wish you were. Registration opens this month.


7:00 AM Registration opens
7:00 – 9:00 AM Cars placed on field and in parking corral
7:00 – 10:00 AM Breakfast and coffee carts available
9:30 – 12:00 PM Judging
10:00 – 4:00 PM Cash bar stocked with a wide variety of beers, wines and spirits.
11:00 – 1:00 PM Lunch available from onsite vendors
2:00 – 3:00 PM Awards Ceremony
ALL DAY View cars, socialize, have fun!

It’s your Birthday!

Psst, from June 8th – 10th, Porsche will be celebrating a monumental event. 70 years of leadership in the sports car world. Celebrations are taking place around the world with special events. There will be Sportscar Moments shared from Porsche Owners from around the world. Follow us #SportscarTogether on Twitter. Many activities will take place live on Facebook.

Check out the website Sportscartogether for more information!


Moving forward we found ourselves at the annual SVR planning meeting and a room filled with new and old (experienced) members. If you’re a new member, here is where you can get your first glimpse of the tightness and comradery of our club. Next come join us for one of our new member tours. Do you want to improve your driving skills? Try a driver’s education event or an autocross.

CRAB returns to Sacramento Valley. It’s hosted this year at the California Automobile Museum. It is a place to put on your list if you’ve never been there before or even if you have. The SVR CRAB will be going on from May 18th through the 20th. You can find out more information, including what the heck is CRAB on this website.

The Drifter which is our monthly news magazine also started out with some new members. Steve McCrory and his wife Barbara retired from it at the end of 2017. The editor position is now shared by Matt Menning and Alma Thompson. I’ve been asked to do the graphics. The balance of the team is still intact. The first edition hit the streets last week. You can take a look at it here. We’ve also added a new position this year to help us manage the twist and turns of our social media. John Leet comes to our organization as the Social Media Chair. His focus will be on managing our presence on our various platforms.

By the way there is a pretty good video on saving the IMS on the PCA website

Wrapping Up

As we wrap up 2017 we can look forward to a new year filled with activities and new faces. While many clubs find their base getting older, we’re lucky in that many of our new members are younger and enthusiastic about our comradery. New Autocrossers, tour participants and event hosts. Join us on January 9th for our annual planning meeting. Cheap pizza and good company. Find out what we’re planning and who’s hosting many of the events next year. Maybe you would like to try your hand at it. Don’t worry, we’ll help you. Crab returns to Sacramento Valley this coming year. We are still looking for volunteers to help chair events and activities. For more information, contact Bob Lozito

We have new members on our executive board coming up in 2018. Our annual election was held from November 1st through the 20th. Our new board of directors are as follows; President Gregg Plourde, Vice President Steve Barker, Secretary Rebecca Plourde, Treasurer Tom Perry-Smith, Social Director Mardi Quain, Membership Director Janet Conner, Competition & Safety Matt Deter.

SVR Events & News

There are several upcoming events that you should put on your calendar. One of the most important is the club’s board elections. The voting will start on November 1st and will run through November 20th. As an active SVR member you are entitled to vote! Watch for it on our front page of the website.

We continue to have a full calendar for the balance of the year. Upcoming events include multi-day tours such as Mendocino; a yearly event. This year it will run from November 3rd through the 5th. Many people choose to stay that one more day and return home Monday. There are still a few rooms available around town.  Check it out here.

October will end our Autocross season with #7 in Stockton. If you haven’t been to one, come out and bring a lounge chair and see it happen. Maybe you will get the but to see what you and your car can do. More information is on our calendar. The 22nd is our annual Charity Auction. This worthwhile event raises money for local charities who do meaningful work in our community. Attend, open you checkbook for these groups. Our November dinner this year is at the Zinfandel Grill. There are still openings let. Great food and location.

Don’t forget, the 2017 Zone awards will be on November 11th this year. our annual Tree Decorating and Potluck will be held on November 26th at the California Automobile Museum. Bring an ornament showing your car.  Our Christmas dinner will be on December 16th. CRAB will again appear on our calendar in 2018. Next year it will run May 18-20. It sells out fast! As always we would love to see you at or regular 1st Saturday breakfast which occurs ………..

Help Wanted !

SVR is looking for and editor for our award winning newsletter! Otherwise “Poof” Contact Steve McCrory at or Please help us fight to deliver the best publication in the PCA.