Surviving the Lockdown

by Collin Fat

I suppose that everyone who is reading this blurb on the SVR website is in the same boat as me and that is getting cabin fever! My wife and I are retired and thought we would breeze through the current situation easily, but it has been going on so long now that we are sorely missing our routine.  Most of our normal activities are not available or severely restricted, such as going to the gym, tennis, golf, autocrossing, and touring.  Although, my daughter has relieved us of babysitting duties because of fears of getting her parents possibly infected, we surely miss them. Facetime just doesn’t cut it.

Both of us are also missing our Porsche Club friends and going to dinners and tours. We had registered for Treffen Broadmoor in Colorado in March and were looking forward to traveling with other SVR friends who had also registered. It was cancelled. Oh well, good call PCA. Next up on the calendar was Parade in Palm Desert at the La Quinta Resort. It was also cancelled just recently. My autocross and track days have yet to materialize with no events to participate in until late June or July. Both programs are on hold and in a wait and see mode. My Porsches are getting antsy for some for some real thrashing! Guess that will have to wait. So as I sit hear writing this article, I thought I would let you all know, that even the hair impaired among us men need haircuts and you simply cannot get by after 8 or 10 weeks without a haircut. This situation has been made so much worst given the governor’s phase in program for getting back to normal. Though the state may open up phase one restrictions by the end of this month, barber shops and salons aren’t scheduled to open until phase three! Yikes, do the math and that might not be until end of July or another 12 weeks. I thought to myself, maybe I should buy some clippers at Best Buy and do my own hair! Scary proposition and I said no, let’s wait a few more weeks and maybe the state will decide to give barbershops a reprieve. I thought, if pet groomers are allowed to open why can’t the human version be open as well! This being said, I saw a news article on KCRA channel 3 about a barbershop in Vacaville called Primos that was ignoring the state’s order and was open for business. The business could have risked being shut down by the local sheriff’s office and subject to fines by the city. However, looking at an opportunity to get my hair cut I called today and they in fact were still open. I asked if I could make an appointment as I was travelling from Granite Bay to Vacaville and it was going to take me about 45 minutes. The shop responded that they were booked for the next 3 days, but that I could come in and just wait without an appointment.

Collin with owner Juan Desmarias

I just did so but had to wait about 55 minutes while those men with appoints entered the shop. You might ask “why did Collin take the risk of getting infected?” The short answer is I badly needed a haircut! After sitting in the barber chair, I told the young barber how I would like my haircut of which he acknowledged and I was out in about 20 minutes. The shop has 8 chairs and all were full the total of 1.5 hours I was in or waiting for my haircut.

Primo’s Barbershop

The moral of this story is if you are in need of a haircut, try Primo’s in Vacaville and tell them your friend from the Porsche Club sent you! Unless you are retired like me I suggest you make an appointment.