The Last Word

I am writing this today to inform our members that this will be my last post as webmaster of SVR. It’s complicated but soon another member will take up my responsibilities as the webmaster. If the current bylaws revision is approved by the members, the role of the webmaster will move from a board position to that as a chair. 

As many of you know, I moved out of the region a little over a year ago. SVR chose to abandon dual membership so I am a primary member of PNWR, Porsche Club North West Region. Like SVR, we have had numerous events cancelled because of this “virus.” We have been on a couple of tours since we’ve been here though. 

The current past president, Gregg Plourde will be acting webmaster. Since his background is very similar to mine, being in IT, the transition should be very smooth. One thing, when positions like this are rotated, you get a different perspective and websites that have become stale (not that I believe our has) can be rejuvenated.

I wish all of SVR good luck as I personally move on to another adventure.

Bill Fargo