Some of you may know that my wife and I relocated to Washington last year. We’re still planning on doing some activities with our club, SVR but we’re now members of the Pacific Northwest Region of Porsche Club. I guess we need to get used to saying “our clubs” instead of “our club.” Though PNWR is much larger than SVR, we’ve found the people to be welcoming just like we were welcomed into Sacramento Valley a few years back. With a couple of tours and a dinner behind us, we’re getting our sea legs (old fisherman saying) on. Let’s face it, for the most part, Porsche people are Porsche people.

While Washington doesn’t have the redwoods or the Sequoia’s, practically the entire western state is covered in trees. In twenty minutes to a half an hour we can be to some mountain, lake or river. The sound which splits most of the state from the ocean is always a drive of a few minutes. The ocean is something we miss most because from almost anywhere it’s a three + hour drive! The darn sound and islands get in the way. SVR sponsors several tours a year to great places in California. Mendocino, Eureka, Pacific Grove and Cambria. The last couple of years tours to the North woods such as Weaverville have been added. This is a fun ride through great country and roads. Something I would like to see is a tour up through Crescent City and across 199 through the Jedediah Smith Redwoods. This is through one of California’s old growth forests. Maybe someone reading this would like to take this tour on. Contact our tour chair, Liz Houser. How about a tour to an art museum? Sacramento’s Crocker Museum is a very nice destination and there are many restaurants nearby. Why art? Both my wife and I are artists. Speaking of art; do any of you draw cars, maybe Porsches….. maybe I should get it going? I would be happy to highlight your work whether it be drawings, paintings or photos of our Porsche marquee..

#porsche #PCA #urbansketching

You may have noticed some changes going on. I have added a little plugin (web speak) to our calendar. I hope you’re enjoying it. Did you know you can change the view? Just look up at the upper right hand corner. You can select a weekly, monthly or one of the enhanced views that I’ve set up. There may be some time you wish to go and look at a copy of a Drifter from a few years back. I’ve also done some things to that as well. Take a look here. If you have any suggestions for things you would like to see or think I should add, feel free to contact me at

Speaking of changes, how do you like the new format for our Drifter? Mike would like to hear your comments and or suggestions. Email the editor at

This is your club. Make the most of it…

What comes in a new year

Last year SVR had a bang up year. We sponsored more tours, more dinners and other events than we’ve done in the recent past. The elections for the board of directors went smoothly even though we struggled for volunteers to fill some of the vacant positions. In the end, we were able to fill the position of Treasurer by Bob Peake stepping forward. Mike Willis came back to help us as the new Drifter Editor. As many of you know, we are going on line this coming year and Mike has been working hard to get it ready. This is a reminder to all of us that even though we generally have lots of help planning and executing our events, our club also needs people to go the extra mile and help manage. Being on the governing board is a commitment but it isn’t a sentence. Coupled with the last election ballot was a proposal for some changes to our bylaws. The committee worked long and hard on them though they did not pass. In retrospect many of us felt that there were some clarifications that should have been made and it could have been presented in a way a little easier to review by the members. The new board will take this up and finish the modifications, many of which are to better align our bylaws with PCA national. It will be presented again in a more easily read document for your consideration.

This coming year we have a few new and hopefully exciting changes and opportunities. Our new Tour Chair, Liz Houser plans on pushing single day tours. Look for a new menu item on the website with a page listing these as they are added. They will also be added to the calendar. Many of them will be informal get togethers to enjoy the car that you drive, the friends that you’ve made and maybe you’ll discover some food or entertainment that you haven’t experienced yet. Join us in welcoming some new board members. Rob and Julie Lee who came from the Potomac Region and Lois Roberts who stepped up to the Charity position last year and is originally from Space Coast (Florida). I’ll let them tell their stories when you run into them at the dinner or drive you attend.

On a sad note, we also lost four of our long time members last year. Barbara McCrory, Larry Wilson, Dolores Weddle and recently Bud Behrens. Please take a moment to remember them. All of them served our club in many capacities over the years and will be missed by a lot of us.

Drive on, Drive safely from the Webmaster, SVR

What color is your car?

The current poll on our website is “What color is your car?” “Is there a reason why?” The answers have been sometimes amusing, others informative and sometimes sad. What I’ve found generally is that for most, it’s the color of the car they ended up buying. Whether it was due to price constraints or because of the particular model sought.

Here are some of the answers. The first line would be the color. The second, the reason why.

  1. Ocean Blue
    1. Blue is my favorite color
  2. Yachting Blue Metalic
    1. It looks great on a 911
  3. Black
    1. Because Orange is Rare
  4. Ivory
    1. It’s beautiful
  5. Meteor Gray
    1. It’s not too flashy and not likely to out of style
  6. Mocha Black
    1. Because it was the car in my price range. 1st Porsche ever
  7. Black
    1. No
  8. Pathetic white metallic
    1. Apparently Porsche hasn’t paid any attention to what other manufacturers do with their white metallic paint.
  9. Lapis Blue
    1. What other color would you want.

Al’s 911S

Imagine receiving this from PCA National.

Hi  Al

Congratulations!   STUNNING photo! Just what we’re lookingfor!!

Your photo was chosen as thePorsche Of The Week in the latest issue of the PCA eBrake weeklynewsletter.  (11/12/2019)

It’s hard to pick one stunning photo from the 40-50 Ireceive every month. I can only pick 4-5 for a given month then the rest goback in the queue.  I’m happy to say I’msending your photo up to the eBrake folks. Look for it very soon.

Each month, we will feature thePorsche of the Week photos from the previous month. Then we will tally thevotes and crown a new Porsche of the Month winner. 

PCA—Griot’s Garage is sponsoringour Porsche Photo of the Week contest. Starting with the October monthly recap,winners will receive a Griot’s Garage Concours Lawn Kit, a $99.99 value. Wewill also randomly award a PotW voter each month a PFM Speed Shine Kit, a$28.99 value. All you have to do is cast a vote for your favorite Porschephoto.

My best to you. John Novotnak

Our very own Al Price (Concours Chair) received this from PCA.

His Car, a 1977 911S which was basically a barn find evolved. In his words;

The car is a 1977 Porsche 911S, someone added the rear RS flares. I found the car in Auburn at Renntech, it was sitting for four years with no engine or trans and two inches of water inside, I did the deal and towed the vehicle to the shop and in a month and a half drove it to Easy in the bay area. ( Super fun) I have auto crossed the car, tracked it & it does the Zone 7 Concours series which it won second overall this year. I drive the car about 5000 miles a year to all of the events I do. The car is a Hot Rod and a Rally Car look and pure fun!!

Congratulations Al!

SVR 2020 Elections

It’s here again. Soon our members will be voting for a few positions on our board of directors that will be vacant next year. Our Board of Directors consists of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Drifter Editor, Webmaster, Social Director, Competition & Safety Director, New Member Director and the Past President. The Webmaster and Drifter Editor serve at the Presidents pleasure and are appointed. Three positions will term out this year. They are President, Vice President and Treasurer. Our current Secretary intends to run for Social Director and our current Social Director is stepping down due to other commitments. That leaves the post of Club Secretary open! Note, All positions on the board are open for members to run for at the end of the year terms. In other words, all elected posts are open for candidates each year. We will also be looking for someone to fulfil the responsibilities of the Drifter Editor and the Layout Editor, a person on the Drifter staff.

Sacramento Valley’s membership has grown considerably over the past several years. We currently have 1,392 members. A couple of years ago we moved up from a Class III Club to Class IV due to our increased membership. We say we are one of the most active clubs in the America’s. We are and we are looking for members to help us continue to do so. With it come responsibilities that our events are safe, we represent our members in a responsible manner and we provide the activities that enhance our members experience. We believe that we have successfully done that, which is one of the reasons we continue to grow. However, like many clubs, social and otherwise it is difficult to draw the interest of new and experienced members to serve on our board. As a previous member of many non-profit boards, I always found my easiest recruits are those that complain how we run things 🙂

We are seeking candidates for the positions noted above for next year. The time commitment of acting as a board member is really up to you the individual. There are responsibilities that the positions demand; beyond that it is up to your available time.

I have included links to descriptions of the responsibilities of the board members below. Perhaps you can take a few minutes to review them and see if you might be able to help. We will also take suggestions from members of persons who may be a good candidate. Of course these are open to all members, both primary & affiliate.

If you are interested in serving on our board or know someone who is interested, please contact Bill Fargo. or 916.802.4679

Vote, it does make a difference. Ask not what your Club can do for you etc. etc…..

California Smog Check Amendment

California assemblyman Randy Voepel has introduced Assembly Bill AB 210 which would amend the current Section 44011 of the Health and Safety Code, relating to vehicular air pollution.

If passed it would change the exception for smog requirements for vehicles built before 1983. Currently only vehicles built befor 1976 are exempt. We encourage the passing of this bill since it will benefit many of our members who collect or just drive older model year Porsche’s.

2018 Elections & Other News

The elections of 2018 are complete. Even for us in Sacramento Valley Region. I will be announcing the results shortly as soon as we receive the results from the snail mail ballots. 

On another note, I try to have some interesting polls up on the website and thought I would give you some of the results. This includes the poll I took during this years board election ballot (for those of you who took it). Voting was dismal for us as it is for many of the general elections around the country. This about it. If you spend the money to belong to our club you should let your voice be heard.

Question Old School New School. It is interesting that since most of our tours include over 95% water cooled Porsches the poll was almost split down the middle. Out of about thirty respondents, 17 were water and 13 air cooled. 

Question What is your favorite SVR Activity. Multiple & single day tours were the most popular with dinner & socials and AutoX coming in next. 

Question preferred Event Locations The club was generally split down the middle with East Sacramento/Rancho & Folsom or East Sacramento/Roseville. A couple of votes were tallied for Downtown Sacramento and South Sacramento/Elk Grove.

I asked a couple of other questions during the vote that helps us gauge where and when to hold events. For those who responded, that’s a lot!

SVR 2019 Elections

Today was the nominating brunch for those running for office. Thanks to all of you who could make it. It was held at La Provence Restaurant & Terrace.