Our History

Much of our history has been lost to time but our historian who recently retired kept much of it for us. Writing articles and more recently his Drifting Back Articles for the Drifter. In 1965 the Porsche Panorama included a feature article about our new club.

The article appeared on Page 2! If you would like to read it, a copy of the Panorama with the article is linked here. Larry captured much of our heritage and we have posted links below. We have also included many of his Drifting Back articles taken from information in the club’s history and written in the Drifter.

In 2001, Larry began contributing monthly articles to The Drifter™  highlighting activities 10, 20 and 30 years ago. One of the more popular columns, they’re republished here:

Drifting Back 2001

Drifting Back 2002

Drifting Back 2003

Drifting Back 2004

Drifting Back 2005

Drifting Back 2006

Drifting Back 2007

Drifting Back 2008

Drifting Back 2009

Drifting Back 2010

Current members are encouraged to continue the tradition of documenting key historical events. Submissions may be directed to the Webmaster

All content courtesy of Larry Wilson, SVR’s Historian  through 2017 and PCA member since 1961.