December 2023

In The Zone
December 2023

Hello Zone 7

December brings Holiday greetings from me to ALL..

What a year! I wanted to take this opportunity to also say THANK YOU. I am so honored and thrilled to be your Zone 7 Rep. Thank you to the national staff I have worked with including all 13 other Zone Reps for encouragement, insight, guidance, and support. What a fun group. To the Region Presidents and their welcoming support, I really enjoy being part of all your “Region families”. Must say thank you to the Zone 7 Autocross and Concours Chairs and support teams for continuing such a wonderful series that are unique to Zone 7 only. And to ALL of you members, for being part of my PCA community, I hope your 2024 is full of great events and friendships.

Zone 7 team announcements that I would like to share.

Simone Kopitzki and Roy Schauben are excited to continue to be Zone 7 Concours Co-Chairs for 2024. Thanks to Simone and Roy for all you do and for being the very effective pair you are. They work with the Concours chairs from the Regions to put on a great Zone series.

Brant Balentine will continue in 2024 as the Zone 7 Autocross chair. The AX team of Region Chairs have brought fantastic Zone competition to members.

Look for some fantastic events in Zone 7 for 2024. Of course, all that your local region does. The available Zone events that include the Autocross and Concours series. The Spring Treffen held in Sonoma hosted by the Redwood Region. Look for updates on Zone series calendars. AND the Zone 7 Autocross series / Concours series & Zone awards dinner to be held Saturday March 2nd. Diablo Hills Golf Course, Walnut Creek (more info on that & registration info soon as well)

I do hope to see you at an event SOON.



Zone 7 … stay connected


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Zone 7 Events


2024 Zone 7 Annual Awards – Save the Date! Saturday March 2nd, 5pm to 8PM, held at Diablo Hills Golf Course. Walnut Creek, MORE INFO TO COME…

  • Zone 7 Autocross Series awards – Zone 7 Concours Series awards – Special Zone 7 Awards

2024 Zone 7 Autocross – Click here for information on the Zone 7 Autocross schedule.

  • This will be updated in early 2024.

2024 Zone 7 Concours – Click here for information on the Zone 7 Concours series.

  • This will be updated in early 2024.

2024 Shasta Region Zone 7 Tour (its 8th year)

  • June 21-24
  • Registration will open on MotorsportReg on February 1, 2024 at 7 am


Event registration links at

2023 Zone 7 Autocross Series Schedule as of November 25, 2023

Season is finished!


2023 Zone 7 Concours Series Schedule

as of November 25, 2023

Season is finished.

Results are posted at

2023 DE/Track/Club Race events

as of November 25, 2023

Season is finished


2024 PCA Club Race and some Region DE track dates are shaping up:

February 17-18:  Instructor Training and DE 1 – Thunderhill Raceway 2 mile.

April 6-7:  DE 2 and Club Race 1 – Thunderhill Raceway 3 mile – PCA Diablo Region will host a DE on April 5.

May 4-5:  DE 3 and Club Race 2 – Buttonwillow Raceway – PCA Central Coast Region will host a DE on May 3.

June 29-30:  DE 4 and Club Race 3 – Sonoma Raceway – Diablo will host a DE on June 28.

September 7-8 or 14-15:  DE 5 and Club Race 4 – WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca (105 dB) – plus a hosted DE on September 6 or 13.

October 12-13:  DE 6 and Club Race 5 – Thunderhill Raceway 3 mile – PCA Diablo Region will host a DE on October 11.



2023 West Coast Race Series Schedule as of November 25, 2023

Season is finished!



2024 PCA and PCNA events

as of November 25, 2023

April 21-25, 2024 PCA Spring Treffen – Sonoma, California

registration typically opens about 3 months prior to the event

June 9-15, 2024 Porsche Parade

Birmingham, AL

registration –  January??

August 16, 2024 Werks Reunion, Monterey

registration opens May

2025 Porsche Parade

Oklahoma City, OK

registration opens Jan?