December 2022

In The Zone
By: Collin Fat, Zone 7 Representative
Sacramento Valley Region

Photos by Collin Fat

Happy Holidays:

It is hard to believe that the year is nearly over and that the Covid 19 Virus is now in our rear-view mirror. Most of us have received our vaccines and latest Covid booster shots as well as the annual flu vaccine. Although we are ending the year with the economy somewhat uncertain, the good news is that most of our Porsches are as valuable as when we purchased them and possibly more! Who would have ever thought this a few years ago? With the holidays upon us and traditional family get togethers, having everyone in the household vaccinated is a good thing. For club activities such as your region’s annual holiday party, this is good news as the holiday parties for all regions seem to be in full swing.


Collin and Family Wishing All a Happy Holiday

Looking back at this past year, membership in Zone 7 has increased yet another year with many regions growing close to 5%. The Zone Concours series saw an average of some 40 judged cars at each event with Monterey Bay and Diablo Regions setting record participation. Sacramento Valley had the most attended event with some 42 cars judged.

The Zone Autocross series had 9 events this season with participation relatively flat. Golden Gate and Loma Prieta regions tried out several new venues including Crows Landing and Castle Air Force base as scheduling conflicts resulted in the Cow Palace forcing them to find alternate sites. I am guessing that Crows Landing will be the likely site for many of their region and Zone events moving forward.

The autocross and concours committees are currently in the process or planning on reviewing competition rules for their specific events with a goal to get them approved at next year’s Zone Presidents meeting.

As your new board starts to prepare for their leadership roles for 2023, several things will be happening in the background to ensure the board has a smooth transition of leadership. This starts with either the outgoing or current club president completing the required annual region report form and sending it into PCA national. This very important document lets PCA national know who the new board of directors is, but also identifies new chairs. It also provides a place to confirm banking information necessary for the quarterly member subsidies. Lastly, your outgoing board members and chairs should be meeting with their successors to hand off all the important documents and provide guidelines for their replacements so that the new board and its chairs can start off 2023 on the right foot.

Collin Fat Terming Out as Zone 7 Rep:

It has indeed been an honor to have served as your Zone Representative for the past 4 years. I had an opportunity to meet many members from throughout the region at local events such as a new member BBQ’s, joining in on a zoom board of directors meeting, presenting national anniversary awards celebrating milestones at several regions, and supporting regions hosting Zone autocrosses or concours events. I have found that members in each region tend to find the activities that fit their schedules and interests and that participation in regional events is growing. That is a good trend and direction for our club.

I would also like to thank all the 10 region presidents for their service these past years and the support I have been given. Lastly, I would like to thank the Zone committee for their hard work over the years. Without your support, my job would have been much more difficult. A big thank you to Roy Schauben and Simone Kopitzki for their work in increasing participation in the concours series as well as efforts to train more judges over the years. Thanks to Grady Carter and Brant Ballantyne for their efforts on overseeing the autocross series and rules updates. Behind the scenes a big shout out for our Zone Treasurer, Howard Thomas, Zone Secretary, Rik Larson, Zone webmaster,Richard Chew and Zone Social Media Chair, David Bunch for their continued support.

After interviewing several candidates for the Zone 7 Rep position, the executive council has chosen Brian Adkins, from Diablo Region as my replacement. Brian will make a great Zone Rep and has the energy, time and knowledge to assist the region presidents with managing and leading their regions. I will be working with Brian over the next month with transitioning to his new role. Welcome aboard Brian!

l/r: Lynn Friedman, National Porscheplatz chair, Collin and Caren Cooper, PCA National Past President attending Monterey Historic Races at Laguna Seca


L/r: Lynn Friedman, Craig Kugler, PCA Treasurer, Cindy Jacisin PCA Executive Vice PresidentnCaren Cooper, Todd Benz, PCA Secretary, and Collin


2022 Zone Autocross Series Winners:

The Zone Autocross series held 9 Zone events in 2022 and hosted events at the Cow Palace in Daly City, Thunderhill Raceway Park in Willows, and Crows Landing in Patterson. Though there were difficulties in getting confirmed dates early at some venues, each of the club’s that hosted events worked hard to bring autocrossers more events than we had in 2021. The following winners had to compete in at least 5 of the 9 events to qualify for year end awards. Congratulations to everyone for a great season!


2022 PAX Award Recipients:

Classes                       Driver                                   Points              Award

P-04                             Drew Powers                   588                  1st Men’s

O-04/P-03                Stacy O’Connell             146                   1st Ladies


2022 Class Award Recipients:

Classes                        Driver                                 Points           Award

A-04                             Grady Carter                   100                  1st

A-05                             Weyland Fat                    116                    1st

A-SUV                           Darrel Huckaby             100                  1st

O-04                             Himanshu Patel             126                   1st

O-04                             Curtis Robertson          100                  2nd

P-02                             Caevon Hekmaty           100                  1st

P-03                             Brant Ballantyne            120                   1st

P-03                             Ed Burghardt                   104                  2nd

P-04                             Drew Powers                   120                   1st

P-05                             Dave Dunwoodie            120                  1st

P-05                             RJ Harrison                       108                  2nd

P-06                             Monty Pack                      113                   1st

P-06                             Collin Fat                             94                   2nd


Note: for the full results go to the Zone 7 website. . The year end awards banquet is tentatively scheduled for March 11th or 18th at a location to TBD


2022 Zone Concours Series Winners:

After many cancellations and the re-scheduling of events again due to issues with the pandemic as well as safety concerns at various venues, the concours series finished up in October with a total of 7 events. Due to several regions rescheduling their events, there were 3 events held in October. This was just an amazing feat of juggling of the schedule and lots of coordination with the region concours chairs as well as assistance from Zone concours chairs Roy Schauben and Simone Kopitzky in encouraging the changes and providing support. Thank you all for a job well done!

Competitor                    Region                   Car                      Year   Class   Award

Juan and Rowena       Diablo                    997 Turbo         2009    C6       1st

Thorsten Kopitzki       Redwood            991                       2014     C7       1st

David Betts                    Sacramento      914                       1974     T2        1st

Al Price                            Sacramento      911 Carrera       1974    T4        1st

Randal Glaser               Sacramento      911 Carrera S   2015    T7        1st

Susan George              Monterey Bay   Cayman S          2018   T9         1st

Jack and Joyce            Golden Gate       356                      1962    S1          1st

Lynn Austen                  Diablo                   914                       1975    S2         1st

Jim McMahen               Sacramento      911 SC                 1980   S4         1st

Norman Perals             Monterey Bay  911 S Targa       1975   S4         2nd

Kent Kaiser                    Sacramento      911                         2004 S6          1st

Jeremy Siemon            Loma Prieta      911 Turbo           2002 S6         2nd

Raj Sangha                     Diablo                   911                        2017   S7          1st

Essy and Rosa              Golden Gate      Cayman R         2012    S9         1st

James Gatewood        Monterey Bay   718 Cayman S 2018   S9        2nd

Jody Rosner                   Sacramento      911 T                     1973   U3         1st

Arthur Woo                   Golden Gate      911 Carrera        1974   U4        1st

Note: For the full results for the season go to the Zone 7 Website. The year end awards banquet is tentatively scheduled for March 11th or 18th at a location to TBD


PCA National Awards:

All region members have a chance to submit nominees for several national awards including Region of the Year, Enthusiast of the Year, Family of the Year and Public Service Award. It is a unique opportunity to nominate someone in your region who has gone above and beyond. Please take the time to consider someone in your region who may be deserving.

The Awards include:


We know that the Regions within PCA all excel in their own way, and this should be recognized.

The submission process is easy.  Just create a brief write up (in MS Word) and submit nomination to national via email to

Region of the Year Award:
Up to 3000-word document, plus 2 Newsletters, and 5 photographs

Enthusiast of the Year, Family of the Year, and Public Service Awards:
Up to 1500-word document, plus up to 5 newsletter articles and/or photographs

If you would like to submit a member of your region to be recognized, please review the guidelines for the awards at this link:

Events of Interest:

Spring Treffen will be held in the Georgia Mountains (touring the Southern Blue Ridge) from April 19-23rd. If you have not yet attended one of these national premier events it is a do not miss opportunity to attend a Treffen. Registration opens January 4, 2023. Check out the details in advance at

Parade 2023 will be held at the La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs from June 18-24th. The hotel is a five -star rated

property that has a famous history of being the hangout for movie stars and the Hollywood elite during the 1940s.

For PCA members this promises to be one of the premiere locations for a Parade on the West Coast.

Fall Treffen will be held in St. Louis. Dates are September 20-24, 2023.

Rennsport Reunion VII: Rennsport Reunion will be held at Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey on September 28th to

October 1, 2023. Advance ticket and corral passes are currently on sale. If you have not yet booked your hotel

accommodations now is the time to secure your lodging at the best price.