April 2024

In The Zone April 2024

Hello Zone 7

So great to see many of you at the Zone 7 Annual Awards banquet. Autocross, Concours and non-competitive awards were presented. Congratulations to all who participated throughout the year and to those bringing home the trophies.

I did want to highlight and congratulate those who received special Zone 7 non-competition awards. PCA, your Zone and the Regions really are “Fueled By Volunteers.” These awards are given to those who bring that volunteerism and passion to higher highs or if it is fuel, let’s call these folks Race Fuel.

Autocross Zone 7 Chair Brant Ballantyne and a team of Region Chairs, along with an army of volunteers continue to make the Series a success. The Autocross and Concours Series results are posted on the Zone Website.

2024 Autocross event 1 & 2 are open for registration. (see info below)

An exciting change for this year is that all participating Regions are now using the Zone 7 Classification system (we had been “borrowing” another system). Info and link are on the Zone website. Another change is that ALL participants who take part in a Zone 7 Series designated Autocross will automatically be earning points for the Zone Series. Not only the Regions day of event results. When at an autocross look for the #1 car. We have added an award for Overall PAX winner from the previous year to carry the Zone 7 Terry Zaccone #1 car number. Congratulations to Himanshu Patel for earning that award in 2023 and to carry the Car #1 in the 2024 events.

The Zone 7 Concours Series spearheaded by Co-Chairs Simone Kopitski & Roy Schauben. Who do SO much, supporting the Region Concours are to be applauded. The winners are all listed on the Zone website. Here again we find another tank of that “Race Fuel”…. Zone 7 Concours “Appreciation Awards” for Volunteering and their passion to the Concours Series. Given to people that attended 5 or more events and volunteered on all those events.
Zone 7 Concours Co-Chairs Roy Schauben & Simone Kopitzki, Arthur Woo, Jim & Linda McMahen, Susan George, Thorsten Kopitzki, Bill Boughton, Carmen & Steven Lefzcik.

Zone judging class (zoom) is open for registration followed by your choice of 1 of the 3 in person class. You know where that info is … on the Zone 7 website,. Zone7.pca.org The first event will be held on Memorial Day as part of the Diablo Region 40th Anniversary 3 day celebration.

For more photos, please take a look at the Zone 7 facebook page we had a blast!

See you next year at the awards … The cake was delicious …(decorated by yours truly.)

Please look below for 2024 events and information.

See you at an event SOON!


Zone 7 … stay connected

Zone 7 website zone7.pca.org
Zone 7 Facebook —main page Zone 7 facebook
Zone 7 Facebook – AX page Zone 7 AX facebook
Zone 7 Facebook – Concours page Zone 7 Concours facebook
2024 Zone 7 Awards Banquet


  • Mark your calendar to join and celebrate the Diablo Regions 40th anniversary 3 days of events

Diablo 40th Jubilaum

Memorial Day weekend will be full of beautiful cars, tours, events, members, and guests. Following is a brief description.

Schedule of events

  • 5/25/2024
    • 3-Dealer Tour/Poker Rally, or
    • Painting with Kelly Telfer
    • Hors D’oeuvre Party at Karpark
  • 5/26/2024
    • 7-Bridges Tour/Gimmick Rally, or
    • Livermore Wine and Beer Trolly
    • Dinner at the Doubletree
  • 5/27/2024 (Monday)
    • Annual Car Show (Wash & Shine)
    • Zone 7 Concours
  • Sacramento Vally Region invites Members of Zone 7 Regions to join them:

SVR Tour to Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyards II, July 27th, 2024, Registration is OPEN.

What Better Way to Combine a Thrilling Drive in Our Cars with the Equivalent Experience in the Wine World?

Come join us for a drive to the St. Helena wine region and this unique winery, world renowned for its vintages.

Sitting on forty acres, this will be a truly unique, highly personal and educational wine tasting experience.

Meet in West Sacramento (details TBD) @ 8:00 am, driver’s meeting and departure at 8:30

A wonderful drive to St. Helena via Lake Berryessa and Pope Valley

Details and Registration at http://msreg.com/ConnValleyWinery2024.


Event registration links at        zone7.pca.org


2024 Zone 7 Autocross Series Schedule

Note that all Regions are now using the Zone 7 classification system.

visit https://zone7.pca.org/autocross-rules/ for more information.

Date Location Host Region
April 13 Thunderhill Raceway Sacramento Valley
April 14 Thunderhill Raceway Redwood
May 4 Salinas Golden Gate
May 5 Salinas Loma Prieta
September 21 Thunderhill Sacramento Valley
September 22 Thunderhill Redwood
October 12 Crows Landing Loma Prieta
October 13 Crows Landing Golden Gate
October 19 Madera Sequoia

Event registration links at        zone7.pca.org


2024 Zone 7 Concours Series Schedule

As of March 24, 2024

Date Location Host Region
May 27 (Monday) The Livery in Danville Diablo
June 9 Porsche Sacramento Sacramento Valley
July 14 Mormon Station, Nevada Sierra Nevada
July 21 Carmel Valley Park Monterey Bay
August 4 Porsche Redwood City Golden Gate
September 22 Porsche Fremont Loma Prieta
October 6 Sonoma Plaza Redwood
April 6 Zone Judging – ZOOM ZOOM site to come
April 20 Zone Judging School Hi-Tec, San Rafael
May 5 Zone Judging School Porsche Stevens Creek
May 19 Zone Judging School Shingle Springs, CA

2023 Season Results are posted at             zone7.pca.org



Driver Education (DE)

2024 DE Schedule

  • 4/5/2024 – PCA Diablo, Thunderhill 3-mile
    • Tech Inspections for non-race cars are required to be performed within 30 days of the event by a qualified service location. The following sponsor is offering free tech inspections:
      • Kahler’s in Dublin – by appointment only, contact them at service@kahlers.comor by phone at 925-829-2050
    • 4/6-7/2024 – PCA GGR, Thunderhill 3-mile
    • 5/3/2024 – PCA CCCR, Buttonwillow
    • 5/4-5/2024 – PCA GGR, Buttonwillow
    • (correction) 6/16/2024 – PCA CCCR, Laguna Seca (92 db)
    • 6/28/2024 – PCA Diablo, Sonoma Raceway
    • 6/29-30/2024 – PCA GGR, Sonoma Raceway
    • 8/3-4/2024 – PCA GGR, Thunderhill 3-mile
    • 10/11/2024 – PCA Diablo, Thunderhill 3-mile
    • 10/12-13/2024 – PCA GGR, Thunderhill 3-mile
    • 11/1/2024 – PCA CCCR, Buttonwillow

PCA Diablo:  Porsche Club of America Diablo Region, click here for general information on PCA Diablo DE events.

PCA – GGR:   Porsche Club of America Golden Gate Region, click here for general information on PCA GGR DE events.

PCA – CCCR:  Porsche Club of America California Central Coast Region, click here for general information on PCA CCCR DE events.

Zone 7 Events – Website

2024 Zone 7 Autocross – Click here for information on the Zone 7 Autocross schedule.

2024 Zone 7 Concours – Click here for information on the Zone 7 Concours series.

2024 Sacramento Valley Region (SVR) Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) Rally Series

  • 4/27/2024 – Foothills Journey Rally (Rally 2)
  • 6/8/2024 – Rally 3
  • 7/20/2024 – Rally 4
  • 9/14/2023 – Rally 5
  • 11/16/2024 – The Turkey Run Rally (Rally 6)

2024 – Other Rallies

  • 5/25/2024 – Redwood Region, Monte Carlo Rally
  • 6/29/2024 – Redwood Region, Monte Carlo Rally


2024 West Coast Race Series Schedule

PCA Club Racing registration is at:  http://register.pca.org, and opens for the following events as noted:
April 6-7 –             Thunderhill:  reg opens February 19.
May 4-5 –             Buttonwillow:  reg opens March 18.
June 29-30 –        Sonoma:  reg opens May 13.
August 3-4 –        Thunderhill:  reg opens June 17.
October 12-13 – Thunderhill:  reg opens August 26.


2024 PCA events


June 9-15, 2024 Porsche Parade

Birmingham, AL


registration is closed.

July 28 – August 4, 2024 PCA Treffen at Sea pca.org/news/treffen-at-sea-2024
August 16, 2024 PCA Werks Reunion, Monterey werksreunion.org

registration opens May

September 29 – October 3, 2024 PCA Fall Treffen —– Omni Mount Washington,

Bretton Woods, NH


registration opens

June 19th at 12 noon

July 4 – 13, 2025 Porsche Parade

Oklahoma City, OK

registration opens Jan?